Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I do want to note that as well as Halloween, it was also National Caramel Apple Day, Knock Knock Joke Day and National Magic Day. Why you put another holiday that can't possibly compete with Halloween on the same day is beyond me, but I am just going to celebrate good old Halloween today :) Although, I have never made a caramel apple before. Perhaps I can make one in November just to have something to blog about. But, here are the highlights of Halloween 2009~

And let me start by saying that for about two weeks leading up to Halloween Cindy was NOT happy about the costume. She did not like the front tunic and told me over and over that it was a costume for a boy. She did not wear it to Fall Festival and I was sure all my efforts were in vain. But on Wednesday night when we had a Church Halloween activity, she put on the tights, the boots, the tunic, etc. with zero complaining and loved every minute of it. She even won a ribbon at the ward party for "Most Original costume" for the junior primary. Why the sudden change of heart? I HAVE NO CLUE. A blessing from above :) Anyway, she also became very excited about getting her picture taken tonight too. So here are her many poses. What's gotten into this child??

As for Luke, well, let's is what happened when I tried to put on his tunic at Wednesday's ward Halloween activity:

He was not a happy musketeer. So we took it off him and he just ran around eating chocolate the rest of the night. I needed at least one more picture that was better than that, so tonight I resorted to bribery and demonstrated with Cindy that when we put on a tunic, we get a piece of chocolate! He understood that language immediately and lasted long enough for a few pictures and a few houses in Grandma's neighborhood.

Apparently there is a flood coming that only Luke knows about...

Not a bad haul for about 5 minutes of trick or treating :)

Cindy, Charlotte McKendrick and Alyssa Fallaw really were the three musketeers of the night. They made a great trick or treating trio.

Kids sure are a lot of work, but they sure are worth it :)


susan said...

I LOVE the costumes! i'm looking to make that same little boy one for my 3 year old. Did you work from a pattern or how did you make this. SO CUTE!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the compliment! I did not use a pattern, I just held up some fabric and cut out a rectangle with a neck. I cut out four, sewed two together, flipped them inside out to make a good seam. I put the front and back pieces together with velcro at the top. I used white grossgrain ribbon around the edges, which I glued on with fabric glue. Then I cut that fur de lis out of white felt using a picture I printed off the Internet. Black pants, a white long sleeve shirt and you are done! Hope that helps!