Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 10-4 Day!

Get it? Because it is 10-04-09? People just crack me up sometimes! Anyway, I decided the best way to mark this incredibly special day was to make various 10-4's out of household objects. Between sessions of General Conference I gave Cindy the task of creating the "10-4's" and she came up with some very creative ones. See for yourself:

I started by showing her the idea using some common household objects...

She then chose to make a 10-4 with Legos. Very creative!

Then she decided on refrigerator magnets- getting better!

I told her to make one using the stuff in my kitchen gadget drawer. She chose to include the pumpkin spoon rest. Very festive!

She has about umpteen necklaces that worked nicely.

She made this one with veggies (all ones that she won't eat, I might add)

And this one we made with cans and boxes from the pantry.

You would be shocked at how absolutely fun and exciting this little game was to Cindy. She was downright giddy as we hunted around the house and discussed the options for the pictures. Anyway, vote for your favorite. I would love to tell her which one everyone thought was the best :)


Mags said...

the veggies

Misty said...

The Stove Top!

Jen said...

veggie 10-4 good buddy!

Mike said...

No, no, no....not the veggies-that's so wrong!

Kaleidoscope, CD & crayons rule!!

Amy said...

Definitely the pumpkin-stove-top. Any you are like, the COOLEST mom ever!