Monday, December 12, 2016

Winner, Winner, Robot Dinner

Each month at my school we have a team building meeting with all the teachers and support staff.  I know that doesn't sound super fun, but I have to admit that they are usually very entertaining. On Thursday of last week we had our meeting and we split into teams and basically played an Escape Room type game.  I happened to be on the winning team, so I scored a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Cha-ching! And THEN they were raffling off an Amazon Echo Dot, which I also happened to win.  Double CHA-CHING!  I guess it really was my lucky day! The dot is pretty darn cool- it plays music on command, gives me the weather, let's me Google things about Grumpy Cat, tells me jokes and even lets me order things from Amazon, which I did for the first time yesterday.  Who can pass up the Garth Brooks Ultimate Collection double CD for $1.69?  I couldn't say no and lose money on the deal.  But seriously, is this not the future??!! When I was a kid, I had to write things down on paper and mail them to people to communicate long distance.  Now there is a named robot in my kitchen that instantly connects me to ESPN radio broadcasting live from the other side of the country. Exciting times, friends.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rosa 2.0

Well, I put it off and dragged my feet as long as I could, I guess.  But Cindy now has a bunny. Again. A sweet member of our ward raises Rex rabbits and he graciously decided that Cindy could have one for free.  So now we got this guy (or girl- Cindy has yet to try and really figure out what we're dealing with here):  

Yes, tiny. Yes, crazy soft. Yes, adorable. And Yes, completely at the mercy of Cindy the 12 year old because this is not my pet.  It lives and dies by her hand, I cannot get involved.  Cindy has not named it yet, but has been taking suggestions on Facebook.  She wants something that is kind of Christmasy so she will always remember when she got it.  So far Tinsel and Ginger (a.ka. Gingerbread) are winning.  Personally, I'm pulling for Vixen.  Or maybe Grinchy McGrinchface. (Wait, that's my nickname.)  At any rate, good luck little fur face!  May the odds be ever in your favor :)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Recital Time

Luke had another official piano recital last week! After taking the summer off from piano I was worried that he was not going to have the interest (or the memory) to get back into the swing of things with piano lessons, but once again he continues to impress me with his pleasant disposition and willing attitude.  He worked very hard on his recital pieces- let's be honest, I still hear "Shadow Chase" in my sleep and probably will for a few months- and he turned in an impressive performance. Spring recital, here we come!

Luke: Piano player, artist, ladies man. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Officially Christmas

This year's Choctaw ornament finally arrived!  This makes #11 in my little collection and I think Cindy and Luke are finally getting as excited about these as I have always been.  This year's ornament features the Choctaw Nation's official chapel, which oddly enough reminds us all of a Mormon chapel.  It's not a 3-D, color raccoon with a wagging tail, but it's still pretty nice. Christmas may now begin.

Monday, December 5, 2016


I finally figured out what the Florida equivalent of snow is.
It's acorns.  
Holy crap, is it acorns.