Saturday, June 4, 2016

What does this mean?

Did I mention this 5K had a llama farm in the middle?

Two weeks ago I ran in my first official 5K in over six months, with a finishing time of roughly what I was running before my injury.  (Once again proving that I have one running speed.)  Yet, sadly, after running this morning, I believe my luck has run out with my miracle knee strap.  I had to walk the last half mile home :(  So what does this mean?  I guess it means I'm getting an MRI.  Do I know how to party or what?!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Pop Quiz

This picture of Jacob pressure washing our privacy fence tells you that:

a.  Florida gets a lot of rain
b. The shade of our oak tree causes our fence to have a lot of algae
c.  We haven't washed our fence in 112 years
d.  Jacob can't not fight back against the mark of the giant white Y :)

We borrowed the pressure washer from my dad, which has caused me to get a little zealous...

I have so far done the front porch, front sidewalk, all the garden stones and the entire paver pathway that leads to our backyard, and I haven't even gotten to the gutters or the other fence yet.  And all I can say is my house is disgusting and now I need a sling for my arm.

And from the world of trees, we had a tree guy come out to give us a quote on trimming up our back two oaks.  While he was here we had him look at one of our front oak trees that seems to be dying. He told us it probably got struck by lightning (there appear to be burn marks) and that it really isn't going to get better. So big boy is coming down :(  He was pretty adamant that we replace the tree, not just cut it down, so we are bargaining for some sort of fruit tree.  Well, our new plan to live on a self-sustaining fruit farm isn't going to build itself, people.  Bring on the peach tree!  (Just not right there, somewhere in the back, please.)