Friday, August 31, 2012

A Cindy Quickie

If you know anything abut me and Cindy, you know that we fight about her hair constantly.  More specifically, her part.  Because of her cowlick, I wish to part her hair on a certain side (which is hairdresser-approved, by the way) and she HATES it.  Absolutely, 100% hates it.  I could sooner make her eat a tarantula for dinner than part her hair on the side she hates.  But nevertheless I still keep trying to comb it that way in hopes of changing her mind before she turns 74.  So this morning she was eating breakfast and I was combing her hair to help her get ready faster.  I started to part her hair the way I like and she kept undoing my work with her hand, over and over and over.  Then she looked up smiling at me and very smugly said, "I can do this all. day. long."  And sadly, she does.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romney Should Start With This...

Top Ten Kitchen Tools  OR Things That Would Make a Better President Than Obama

10. Wire whisk
9.  Tuna strainer
8.  Fondue fork
7.  Garlic press
6.  Slotted spoon
5.  Zester
4.  Box of toothpicks
3. Poultry lifter
2. Kiwi guard
1. Funnel

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Luke Quickie

The other day the kids and I met a friend and her kids over at my in-laws' house to go swimming.  As we pulled up to the house, there was a car in the driveway we did not recognize.  The kids began to get really scared as to who was at the house.  Cindy said, "Oh my gosh, what if it's a robber?"  But Luke calmed her down with his wisdomous logic, saying "It can't be a robber, they only come at night."  Man, nighttime just gets creepier and creepier doesn't it?  (By the way, it was my friends' rental car because her regular car was in the shop :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Son of a Mannerless Goat

I forgot to mention that my regular 3 mile run on Friday actually turned out to be a 4 mile run with a bonus goat rescue!  (I love the word goat, by the way.  It's one of my favorites.)  I was on my run and while going down Harrell's Nursery road I was flagged down by a tiny Asian woman, Ophelia, and she was very nervous about a goat that had gotten his head and horns stuck in the fence.  Now, I know that upon first meeting me you immediately think, She obviously knows a thing or two about goats, but truth be told, I am a goat wranglin' rookie.  But I figured, how hard can it be to get an animal to turn its head 90 degrees?  A lot harder than it looked, Spanky!  The combined efforts of me and Ophelia did nothing.  Poor goat was apparently deaf too because I kept yelling "Turn your head and free yourself, you weirdo!" but he didn't respond.  I decided to finish my run and then return to the goat field on my way back to my house to see if a miracle occurred and the goat had been teleported out of the fence.  Nope, he was stuck as ever and now bleating in the most pathetic and pitiful manner imaginable.  I tried and tried to just grab that goat by the horns and shove him through, but he would not have it!  Finally, a minivan pulled over and a woman and her teenage son joined my efforts.  With a little bending of the fence wire and whole lotta goat cajolin' we got that critter free.  He ran away and didn't even say thank you.  Was he raised in a barn?!?  But then the good Samaritan and I did a silent fistbump and I went on with my day like I didn't just save a goat's life.  But I did.  And I'm pretty sure there are some sweet heavenly rewards for that...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Luke Quickie

Yesterday afternoon in the car when I picked up the kids from school:

Luke:  This was the worstest day.
Me: Why?
Luke:  Because in class today I had to go to the most boringist center there is.
Me: What center is that?
Luke: It's where you just look at books!

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Friday, Which Means It's Time For....

Thrifty Thursday!  This may or may not have been included in the memo the other day....

As a person that lives the lifestyle of a senior citizen on the fixed income of Social Security, I feel obligated from time to time to let you in on my incredible money saving secrets.

Today's tip:  Whenever you go to the drive-thru at the bank, ask them for a sucker.  If you have kids in the car, ask them to give you as many suckers as there are kids.  Then, do not allow yourself or your children to eat the suckers, but instead, put them into a giant Ziploc bag at your house.  If you start early enough, you will have enough to give out as your Halloween candy. You're welcome.

Stay tuned for my next tip where I share with you how to use the free cookies at Publix to benefit the annual Cub Scout dessert auction.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's Elective Reading

Just to start out, I want to properly blog the fact that in 8th grade at Bartow Middle School I somehow did not register for my elective class in time and the only class left to take in the entire school was wood shop.  The universe was obviously playing a hilarious practical joke one me.  But I really had to take it, so I was the ONLY girl in a class full of Bartow's finest male hoodlums and thugs.  Not a single other student actually made anything all year long, but the creepy shop teacher knew that I, being a straight-A student, would need to actually earn a good grade so he gave me the plans to make a small rocking horse, whose feet actually clopped on wood when you rocked it back and forth.  And let me tell you, that horse was probably the most amazing wood craft that had ever been created in wood shop for over two decades.  I gave it to my mom as a present and she was stunned.  My sanding and staining skills were LE-GIT!  I think she still has that horse somewhere...Probably in the shrine she built to my awesomeness.  Anyway, that was also the year I learned how much I love the smell of fresh sawdust.  Yankee Candle, consider yourself challenged.  So to anyone out there in school, don't wait to register for your electives.  Or you just might end up in wood shop.  Or worse...


10.  Scorpion Husbandry
9.  Introduction to Brangelina
8.  Critical  Blinking
7.  History of the Teleprompter  (formerly Student Government, Chicago schools only)
6.  Extremely Uncivil Engineering
5.  Spongebob's Impact on the Russian Economy
4.  Hotel Carpet Theory
3.  Farmville Math
2.  Foundations of Gambling
1.  Sporkology

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I would like to say that all the memes I am highlighting today have something in common, so I will.  All the memes that I am highlighting today have something in common.  Cats.  I started in another direction completely, but when you search for funny stuff on the Internet, you will always, always, ALWAYS be lead back to cats.  That is basically all the Internet is made of.  Well, cats and tubes.  (Wikipedia, you got my back on this one.)


(There is actually an entire website dedicated to "breading your cat"- tons of pictures of cats with bread on their faces.  Who thinks this stuff up?  Because they are incredible.)

Winner! Just the right mixture of current events and photo shop.

Brace yourselves for this one....

Yes way, Ted.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Date: August 21, 2012
To: Sweeneyville Readers
Re: Schedule Changes
Cc: All Papa John's Employees

Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, the following changes have been made:  Meme Monday has now been changed to Wednesdays.  Top Ten Tuesday has now been changed to Thursdays.  Wacky Wednesdays will be reinstated on a rotating schedule following the results of a focus group sponsored by Nutella.  Casual Fridays have been moved to Wednesdays from the hours of 3 to 5.  Semi-formal Fridays will be observed only when announced the previous day by carrier pigeon.  All other hilarious features, posts, photos, and polls will remain on their regular, unreliable schedule.

Please note that management has the right to adjust this schedule due to changes in weather, Oreo Cakester production, availability of new episodes of Psych on Netflix, and/or breaking news in English Premier League soccer.

Thank you for your compliance.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Cindy Quickie

Working on a top ten for tomorrow, but in the meantime you will have to humor me with yet another story from my children.  They have been in amazing form as of late, haven't they?

Last night Cindy went with me to DJ another single adult dance.  At one point she had gone for more refreshments (this is probably the REAL reason Cindy goes to the dances...) and when she came back she told me me very seriously, "Mom, I just saw a girl give a guy her phone number!"  I made my most wide-eyed surprised face and said, "Oooh, exciting!"  Then she said, "Um, no Mom, it isn't.  Less single adults, less dances we do, less money.  You get the problem?"  I could not stop laughing because she was so serious!  And I was, at the same time, even more perplexed how she figured that all out in her wee little brain.  I made her feel better by explaining that less single adults means more weddings which means more wedding receptions that need a DJ.  She agreed with my awesome logic.  And I am glad she is taking such good notes because one day she is gonna run this show :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Well, it's official: I have two full-time students living with me.  Today was the first day of school!  And the cool part is that since Jacob doesn't start til Monday, he got to be here to see them off too.  When I picked them up this afternoon, they both told me they had wonderful days.  Luke was quick to tell me that PE was fun, that he almost ate all of his lunch (didn't get to the pudding) and that when Miss Paladino says, "1,2,3 All eyes on me!" they answer back "4,5,6 Our eyes are fixed!"  He is going to have a fun year with her :)  Cindy also said it was a great day and that she was one of three kids in the class that brought in the "summer homework" assignment.  Brownie points!  But enough yapping, here are some pics:

The always-happy Luke on his first day.

Lego Star Wars backpack so he'll be the coolest kid at school.  

Last Year
This morning

She has really aged,  hasn't she?  Wow, I can't believe how big she is!

Best buddies.  Cindy did actually hold Luke's hand and walk with him down to his room this morning.  She is a good big sister :)  Cheers to a great new school year!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Steps to Back to School

Today was orientation for the kids at school and let me tell you, that is an adventure!  Fill out the forms, buy the agendas, meet the teachers, join the PTO, lunch accounts, buy a recorder- it's not just a quick drop in visit.  Cindy seems to have a great teacher and only one kid from her class last year.  Pretty sure that McKeel does that on purpose because it seems that way every single year.  Most interesting thing the teacher said:  "I also let the kids sit on yoga balls instead of sitting in chairs, so if you want to buy one for your child that is fine."  Can you imagine having been able to sit on a yoga ball when you were in school!??!?  Wow, that is one brave woman if you ask me.  Luke did great meeting his teacher. The little super genius girl that could already read chapter books from his VPK class is sitting right next to him and his other friend Maddox from VPK is also in the class.  I was quick to tell his teacher that Luke is a sheep, so don't let him sit by anyone of questionable character.  I think she appreciated that tidbit of information.  So that makes tomorrow the last day of actual summer for the kids and school starts on Thursday!  I am actively looking for part-time employment, but the first week of school I think I want to stay home and deep clean and organize the house with all the free hours I will have each day.  Especially since no one will be around to undo everything I am doing while I am a doing it :)   Stay tuned for the all important "First Day of School" photos! 

A Cindy Quickie

This morning Cindy decided to go with me to my circuit training class.  She actually did all 7 exercises with me the first go round, but by the second go round, she was losing steam.  So while I lay on the yoga mat doing excruciating Fifer scissors, Cindy sat next to me and daydreamed.  Finally I said, "Well, if you aren't going to do the exercises then at least be my coach and say happy things to me!"  To which she happily said, "Armadillos!!"  I laughed out loud, but I still am not sure why that was the first happy thing that came to her mind....

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Luke Quickie

So earlier this evening while I was watching some Psych on Netflix, Shawn and Gus were, of course, breaking into an office late at night to find evidence.  Cindy was on the couch next to me and was hiding her face in my shoulder because she does not do well with suspenseful situations.  She said, "I hate watching them do scary things at night."  Then Luke thought about it and said, "Well, if I am watching this and it is night on the movie and night outside I am really scared.  But if it is a little bit still sunny outside and it is night in the movie, it's okay."  So remind me to only show him horror films during the day.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cindy Quickies

I have been surprised by some of the funny observations of my kids over the past few weeks as we have watched the Olympics together.  Here are a few from Cindy:

This one actually occurred before the Olympics.  We were telling Cindy about diving.  I think we saw the end of the US Trials on TV one day, so we pulled up some YouTube videos to show her some more cool dives and she seemed to get really excited about diving.  She even began to talk about taking diving lessons so she could go to the Olympics.  Then, as we watched the last few videos, she began to squint and look closely at the screen.  Then she asked, "Wait, are they allowed to plug their noses when they dive?" And then reality set in. "Oh. No.  They can't.  Well, I guess I can't really do diving in the Olympics."  SO close!

The other day when we went swimming, Cindy was very excited to get in the water.  Even more so than usual and I finally figured out why when she told me, "I have to try this new way of doing handstands that the Chinese divers taught me!"  No word on the results...

And finally, the other night Jacob, Cindy and I watched Alyson Felix win the gold medal in the 200m sprint.  Cindy watched with a lot of interest.  At the end of the race she said, "Well, I was just wondering if I tried out and got on that team, would it be okay with you guys if I wore that outfit, because it seems that that is pretty much the only thing I would be allowed to wear..."  Oh, Cindy. You get the gold medal for being so cute :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is is just me or...

Does US Swimming superstar Ryan Lochte...

(image from Google Search)

look like a younger version of Daniel Craig?

(image from Google Search)

The answer is YES.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Memes of Olympic Proportion

Technically I have skipped some of my wildly popular Meme Mondays, so here are a few to redeem myself.
(I made/own none of these.  They all came up from Google Search.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flying Sloth vs. Jumping Cat

Is this the video that will finally be a worthy competitor to Nathan Sweeney's sloth video?! It has met my strict criteria of a. total surprise and b. laughter that does not go away with repeated watching.  You be the judge:

Okay, this video is not as good as what you just saw, but still, a little cat bonus for your Tuesday is always nice:

Monday, August 6, 2012

Remember These?

They are called "Top Ten Lists" and I think we all need one right now.


10.  Me and Elfi Schlagel sit around the Olympic torch and make s'mores
9.  Elders Phelps and Lochte baptize my rabbit
8.  I pole vault over the Tabernacle and into Old Faithful
7.  Ryan Seacrest scores a perfect twelve for his synchronized swimming routine with a Tyrannosaurus Rex
6.  After eating a giant plate of spaghetti, I show everyone my new back tattoo of Tim Daggett
5.  I have to climb 36 flights of stairs to reach the top of the medal podium and my silver turns out to be a York Peppermint Patty
4.  Jacob becomes Captain of the USS Enterprise  (I didn't say all the dreams were about the Olympics...)
3.  I set a world record by throwing a gummy worm 881 yards
2.  My three day pommel horse routine ends when I dismount flawlessly into a dune buggy
1.  Usain Bolt runs on ice skates and crutches and still wins the 100m dash

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Cindy Quickie

Yesterday in the car.....

Me:  You need to tell me what you want to be for Halloween in case I need to start doing some sewing.
Cindy:  I want to be a witch.
Me:  Really?
Cindy:  Yep.  I have some big plans for Halloween this year.  It's all in my journal.

When I get a hold of her journal, I will let you know.  She didn't elaborate on her plans except to say that "giant bowls of candy" are involved.  So far, so good!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 Roadies Vol. 2

So after we made it to the Utah, another whole adventure began...

Best Looking Group of City Slickers:  Us!

All the brothers and their wives got to go horseback riding once again during the reunion.  Sean was on his mission last time we did this, so he finally got to be there for every exciting moment of horse flatulence, all the brothers making fun of each other, watching my horse veer off the path every 7 seconds to find something to snack on, the amazing views of Bryce Canyon- it was awesome to get to do this all together :)  Tara also gets an honorable mention for looking completely adorable at all times during this adventure.

Best Name for a Horse:  "Jet Blue Angel St. Petersburg"

Most of us gave a new name to the horse we got paired with on the trip.  That beauty was the name that Nathan chose for his horse.  He is always so creative.  I get an honorable mention for my horse, who was at first Lando, then Nathan changed his name to Zig Zag (based on his wandering tendencies) but I preferred "Trailblazer" in the end.  He was a horse that was lead by his stomach- and I totally respect that.

Best Moment of Instant Regret:  Me, on the ATV with Jacob

I went on the ATVs with the kids a few times but I kept wanting to go on an ATV ride with Jacob.  And then after 4 seconds on the back of one with him driving, I remembered what happened when we went jet skiing and was sure I was either going to die or throw up all over his back.  He has a need for speed, I have a need for not getting killed.  So it was a white-knuckle ride for about 8 minutes, but hey, at the end I was smiling, right?

Best Star Wars Reference:  Luke and the crossbow

Jacob's Uncle Jason brought his crossbow and let everyone shoot it.  When he first got it out and everyone started to gather around to watch, Luke was distracted and playing with his cousins.  But finally he made his way over to see what the big deal was and when he saw the crossbow he screamed out real loud, "Hey Cindy!!  Come look!! They're shooting a Chewy gun!!!"   So feel free to call a crossbow a "Chewy gun" like us from now on.  If you don't get this reference, you have my pity.

Best Unexplainable Picture I took:

No, seriously, I can't explain it.

Creepiest Guy in Panguitch:

Luke didn't have much better luck facing this guy either:

Oh, I LOVE this picture :)  The entire trip was worth it for this one moment.  It is impossible for me to be sad when I look at it.

Best Photobomb by a Dirty Sock:

This pretty much sums up my life with Cindy and taking pictures.  *Sigh*

Most impregnable fortress of penal security:  Panguitch City Jail

There's a lot of criminals running around this town because of this....

Best Twilight Zone Moment:

During our quick trip to the new City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake (which was INCREDIBLE) we were in a toy store looking around.  Cindy happened upon the game "Hot Potato" which she owns.  It comes with a little soft potato that sings a very annoying song when you squish it.  Cindy pressed it about 3 times right there in the store, and we weren't the only Mom thinking it was a little too much.  There was a woman there with her kids and right after we told Cindy, "Okay, that's enough of the potato" the woman remarked,  "That thing would be great for a long road trip.  To Florida!  Hahahahahaha!"   I was totally freaked out by this comment simply because I thought maybe it was someone I knew who was trying to jog my memory or something, but she just walked away.  It was bizarre.....

Best "Utah" Comments:

I only have two this time, but they still make me laugh:

From the guy teaching Sunday School in DeAnne's ward:  "My Mom is sooo Mormon.  It's a good thing she didn't end up a Muslim, because she would have blown herself up by now."

When I took Cindy to find her Primary class in DeAnne's ward, I found a classroom with a teacher and children and asked, "Is this the 8-year-olds class?"  He answered, "Well, this is one of the classes.  There are three."   Face-palm.

Best BYU Shirt:  

Okay, just ignore the sombrero and crazy eyes.  I know, if you had a nickel for every time you heard THAT one....  Each time I go to Utah, I always buy a new BYU shirt while I am there.  Because of limited time, this year I was pretty sure I wouldn't have the chance to buy one.  But alas! The West Jordan Wal-Mart saved me and I found this awesome shirt for $11.97 the day before we left.  Didn't even try it on!  It was my density :)

A few of the more regular category awards....

Best Hotel:  Atlanta Residence Inn
It was right by a pond, it had great beds, and even a fireplace that the kids used to warm themselves after they showered because it was soooo chilly.  And their free breakfast was fantastic.  Highly recommended.

Worst Drivers: Arkansas
Not really impressed with that state in general :)

Prettiest City:  Chattanooga or Birmingham

This is Chattanooga- we stopped for ice cream and to walk across a quasi-famous pedestrian bridge.  We also had dinner there at a pretty good little diner.  It's very picturesque, very well-landscaped and quaint.

Best Dessert We Ate:  Sammy's Famous Pie Shakes in Provo
How can you resist a place that makes a shake by shoving a whole piece of pie into it?  You. Can't.  So we had the banana cream pie and the coconut cream pie.  Totally delicious!
Honorable mentions:  Brooke's peach pie, Braum's candy bar sundae, Burger King Bacon sundae (yes, we had it, yes it is fantastic.)

Best Burger:  Red Robin Banzai Burger
I just wanted to mention that even though they are chain restaurant and a common place to eat, I still think their Banzai burger is one the best burgers I have ever had.  I am never let down by it.  And bottomless fries? Fuhgettaboutit!

Best Vanity Plate:  I KAN D
Enough said.  I will be getting this for Jacob :)

Best "Days" Celebration:   "Butch Cassidy" Days,  Beaver, Utah
As we drove up from Panguitch to Salt Lake, we passed through infinity teeny, tiny towns in Utah.  And each one had a sign up advertising their "days" festival that was going on that weekend.  Pioneer Day weekend is HUGE out there! Go Figure.  So we saw signs for Lamb Days, Melon Days, Fiesta Days, Draper Days, Handcart Days, Shoehorn Days- just kidding, not Fiesta days.  Okay, really, not Shoehorn days, but Beaver wins hands down.  Nothing is cooler than Butch Cassidy.

Best Family Reunion Moment:  Cousin Chase

Two mornings at the reunion we all gathered in the motel restaurant for breakfast.  It was quickly learned that if you were late, your seating assignment might be less than desirable.  Jacob's cousin Chase learned this the really hard way and ended up at the "kids table" the first morning.  We gave him a little grief about this. Okay we gave him a LOT of grief, but he is 24 years old.  We knew he was probably going to be tortured by our children, but it was too fun to not throw him a lifeline and let him suffer a little. Finally, when the food arrived, I went over to the table to cut up Cindy and Luke's pancakes.  I jokingly asked Chase, "Would you like me cut up yours too?" To which he replied, "Actually that would be fantastic.  I think the kids took my knife."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Roadie Awards Vol. 1

Alright, I will finally end the suspense and first announce the MVP for our road trip this year.  Drum-roll, please.....

And the MVP goes to.....

Cindy and Luke!!

I seriously can't say enough about how awesome they are in the car.  They can hold their bladders like champs, they pretty much obey when we say stay out of the cooler (which was every 15 seconds),  and even when they get car sick they just puke and move on happily with life.  Sure, they have their teasing moments and Luke can stink up the car like a full-grown lumberjack, but overall, they are completely pleasant!  These facts have pretty much ensured that we will continue to do road trips together.  Go kids!  I love them :)

Which  makes the MVP runner up-  Our GPS!  That thing was amazing!  I can't imagine doing a trip without it.  Jill took us to all the temples, found us Wal-Marts, found our hotels, showed us our elevation, made us breakfast, okay, not that, but I LOVE the GPS.  I highly recommend Garmin.

Best Name for A Gas Station:  Toot n' Totem  
I can't remember where this was, Oklahoma maybe?  But really, what does that even mean??!  So weird.

Best Temple:  Manti
Trick question!  All the temples are the best, but look at this picture I took myself with my little $100 point and shoot camera:

I rest my case.  The grass was almost glowing it was so green.  Irrigation goes such a long way in Utah.

Temple that could most likely double as a giant drill bit in some sort of excavating emergency:   The "Reorganized" Church Temple in Independence, MO

Take a look, I do not lie:

It sits directly across the street from the LDS Visitor's Center.  And not in the merry old land of Oz as some people think.

Best Covered Wagon Driving:  Luke

Cindy was such a backseat driver....

Best moment of brutal honesty: Cindy

Cindy was not particularly enthusiastic about going to the Independence Visitor's Center.  She didn't want to get back in the car again to drive there from our hotel either.  So when we finally got there and got out of the car she exclaimed, "Finally!  I have never been so happy to get somewhere I didn't want to be!"

Weirdest Time My Children Chose to be Happily Photogenic:  In front of the Prophet Joesph in Liberty Jail

Cindy is a terrible photo subject about 99% of the time.  I found it odd that the one time she chose to cooperate, completely with flirty pose, was in front of Joseph Smith in the Liberty Jail replica.  Interesting juxtaposition....

Most Awkward Brush With Nature:  Luke @ St. Louis Temple
The best part of having a little boy that suddenly needs to pee is that if you can find a secluded bush, you are in business.  But when we stopped at the St. Louis temple and Luke suddenly had to go, I felt a little guilty taking him to go on Temple grounds.  (It was Sunday, nothing was open.)  Total blasphemy!!!!  But he was going to go to the bathroom one way or another, so I trudged with him to the furthest possible piece of land in the very corner of the temple grounds, behind the distribution center and up against the fence.   He dropped his drawers to start to go and when I looked over into the forest on the other side of the fence, I saw this guy 5 feet away:

And yes, his eyes were glowing like that because he was actually a robot from the future sent to use lasers and kill anyone that tried to relieve themselves on temple grounds.  At least that is what Luke seemed to think because he was not happy to have this guy hanging around :)

Best Roadside Attraction We Happened Upon:  Superman Statue, Metropolis, IL

This is simply marketing genius at work.  A town called Metropolis, super close to a major freeway with millions of captive travelers just looking for some giant piece of Americana to take a picture of. We, of course, could not resist and also visited the gift shop and museum.  Anything that mentions "The American Way" is alright with me.

Hubba, hubba!

Most Unique Hot Dog:  Chris' Spiral Surprises

While staying in Tennessee with my brother and his family, he mentioned he was going to make for us "something he saw on Facebook."  I was certain he was going to feed us strawberries he grew in Farmville, but actually it turned out to be these bad boys.  Spiral hot dogs!  Put them on a shish-ka-bob stick, slice around, then George Foreman those bad boys and voila!   Your 5-year-old nephew will refuse to eat a regular hot dog for the rest of his life :)  (The point is to have more edges to char.  They were very tasty!)

Best road trip haircut: Cindy

We got her hair cut by Aunt Molly's first counselor in the Relief Society and her cousins got to come with and watch.  Awe-some!!

Supposed Best Food We Ate:  Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, Kansas City, MO

So anytime we road trip we always have to work some good food into the equation.  I always want to stop and visit those greasy spoon type places you see on Food Network or Man vs. Food, but usually we don't have time to really stop and waste time on food and it never happens.  However, since we took 6 days to drive to Utah, we had the time in Kansas City to seek out some good BBQ.  According to Tripadvisor, Oklahoma Joe's is THE place.  It was in a gas station and this place was PACKED.  At 2:30pm.  We almost left because we thought we would be there forever, but as we rounded the corner in line, there, on the wall, was a newspaper clipping of an article by Anthony Bourdain listing this place as one of "13 Places You Need To Eat Before You Die."  Wow.  Okay, so we stayed :)

So the reason I say "supposed" best food is that unless you are a real connoisseur of BBQ and eat it all the time looking for it's equal, you really can't compare it and declare it THE BEST, you know?  It was definitely good, not a sweet BBQ like the south, the slaw was good and a little spicy, the pulled pork was great, the turkey was REALLY good and the fries were delicious.  So it was definitely tasty and not even too expensive but at the same time we were thinking, "Sonny's is still pretty good too."

One more day of this torture coming up.....