Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spotlight on Boba Fett

And speaking of Boba Fett, I am not sure there is a more popular, yet mysterious Star Wars character than him.  I mean, for a guy who speaks a total of four lines, he has quite a following.  I did a little research on him and have come to found out that he wasn't always a bounty hunter. In fact, he held quite few jobs before he settled into that gig.  There is so much to learn about Boba...

General Fett


10. Slip and fall attorney for Kenobi, Colling and Gilbert
9. Guidance counselor at Alderaan Montessori school
8. Community organizer
7. Catfish noodler
6. Under secretary to Queen Amidala's hair
5. Varsity Boys Lacrosse Coach: Degobah Prep
4. Head balloon artist at Coruscant Chili's
3. Celebrity judge on Dancing with Mandalorians
2. Mall Santa
*bum dum tis*
Rim Shot!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Don't Know, Type Casual

Please proceed to Google Earth and put in the coordinates 40.6388 N 75.5465 W.  Man, I went to the wrong high school....

I Find Your Lack of Memes Disturbing

While I put the finishing touches on some Top Ten lists (teaser, anyone?), please enjoy these memes.  Laugh it up, fuzzball!

Queen Amidala

must be old enough.

Oh Storm Trooper  Star Wars humor

Worst fear for the new Star Wars movie…




I declare Obi-Wan the clear winner.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sean's Favorite Channel

It really is true.  Once you've seen it, it cannot be unseen.

once seen, cannot be unseen.

A Long Time Ago In a Blogosphere Far, Far Away

Is really that time of year again?  Why, yes it is! It's time to head to your local Tuffy and rotate your tires.  And after you do that, come right back here because it's also officially Star Wars Week here in Sweeneyville.  Last year I started you off with 19 facts you didn't know about Star Wars, so this year I am upping the ante and giving you 30 fun facts that will blow your mind like a death star.  Don't be intimidated by the 7 minutes. Trust your feelings.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The End of an Era

It's hard to believe, but after three years Jacob will now be coaching a different competitive soccer team.  He has been coaching his team with Lakeland FC since these girls were about 8, and as you can imagine, he has built quite a relationship with them over the years.  He broke the news to them Tuesday night and there were some very sad girls. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, you might say.  Jacob has really poured his heart and soul into this team and it's been fun to watch them develop and get better and better each season.  And as sad as this ending is, I have a feeling these pictures will be eerily similar to a certain McKeel high school girls soccer team in the very near future....

Here's a few pictures for posterity. And to show just how effective stalking on Facebook can really be.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Luke Quickie

Yesterday I made a tuna wrap for Jacob's lunch, and since I had some extra tuna left over, I thought I would make a half sandwich for Luke's lunch.  I didn't tell Luke I was doing this, but lately he had been asking me if he could try a tuna sandwich again, so I figured he wouldn't mind.
Last night when I was putting him to bed I asked, "So did you like your tuna sandwich?!"  He looked at me and said, "Yeah," and then very quickly he added, "But I do NOT want you to put another one in my lunch."  And that is how Luke tells you something sucks.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seven Years A Kid

We celebrated Luke's 7th birthday yesterday.  Hard to believe he will be getting baptized next time this year.  For his cake I decided to let Pinterest be my guide and I found a recipe for a giant swiss cake roll.  He keeps asking me to buy them for his lunch, so I figured he would like it.  Which he did, until he started eating the cream filling and was almost in tears because he didn't like that part and Jacob was demanding he finish it all. What is with this child and whipped cream!!!?  It must be a texture thing because I just can't understand why he has such a problem with it.  There wasn't even any cream in it!  And I really did have to make this cake twice.  The first time I was apparently a little confused on the whole "spray the cake pan AND use parchment paper AND spray the paper" part of the directions and had to start all over.  But my perseverance paid off. Deliciously.

The pocketknife that opened everything

Brutal honesty: I really just bought these for myself

Lego Harry Potter!  Not just the trial version!!! 

Nathan and Linnley's chop sabres!!

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Linnley sent Luke a mysterious present from  
Here is a very rough cut of Luke opening the present.  

I am not sure if you can hear what he says, but when he opens it and sees the present he says, 
"I really wanted these!!!"  And then when we tell him what they are he looks all confused and says,
"I never saw these, actually."  Good times :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bad Grammar: Don't Go Their

Yesterday I had to go get a physical and this sign was hanging on the door in the exam room.

And then I went straight to the eye doctor to see if he could fix my burned retinas.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ender's Game

Last Saturday was Luke's last soccer game of the spring season.  I can't believe we finished before the crappy, hot weather arrives!  The past few games Luke was really just passing time and, if we are being honest, probably just in it for the post-game snacks, but for his last game he overcame a skinned knee and put on the performance of his life.  He was a wild man out there!  He actually had two shots on goal.  Jacob does 'lessons' with Luke in the backyard every Monday and I think we are starting to see that out on the filed a little.  Luke definitely knows the moves, now he just needs to get some size. We are going to start him on a strict diet of raw eggs and hamburger patties and hopefully he will weigh more than 40 pounds by next season.  I have also figured out that Luke loves to do what I have now decided to call "The Luke Special", which is running at mach 5 to save a ball that is just about to go out of bounds.  He could do it all day long.

A few last pictures...

I also gotta give mad props to my mom, who was very sick all weekend and yet somehow miraculously pulled herself out of bed and made it to the game even after I only told her about it 45 minutes ahead of time.  No mad props to me and my horrible communication skills.

And lest we forget, Cindy is also still in the swing of things with softball.  In a very rare moment of pleasantness the other night, she let me take this photo of her:

This one was unauthorized.  I won't tell if you won't.

Just a few more weeks to go.  Gonna make it, gonna make it, gonna make it...(That's for me, not her :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Death by Taxes

Have I ever told you how much I hate doing my taxes?  
Probably because it usually goes like this...

When I remember I have to do my taxes:

When Jacob asks me where all the tax forms are so we can start:

Jacob waiting for me to find all the tax forms so we can start....

(Okay, Okay, not exactly true, but Conan is too funny to pass up.)

When I somehow manage to find all the tax forms, donation slips, car registrations, w-2s, 1099-DIVS, MISCs, INTs and Bs:

After I have entered all our income and see how much we owe:

When I get ready to put in all our deductions:

After I put in all our (apparently meaningless) deductions:

When I finally come to terms with my 2013 tax return:

Okay, maybe it didn't happen exactly like that and I took a few liberties, but I still hate doing my taxes. I think next year I will have KaRyn do them so I don't even have to know how it turns out. We just keep telling ourselves that this year all our money is going straight to the military and is buying the very bullets that will help kill a terrorist. Whatever helps us sleep at night.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

This morning Cindy told me that she had a great idea.  She could buy a book for Luke's birthday from the school Book Fair.  I thought that was a pretty good idea because Luke had been asking me all week for a certain book that I could never really remember the name of and Cindy would get the pleasure of giving something to her little brother to open on his birthday in two weeks. I swore Cindy to secrecy and gave her the 5 bucks.  She was thrilled about our secret little plan.  When the kids got in the car this afternoon after school, Luke was reading the book in question.  I looked at Cindy with a flabbergasted look on my face and then Cindy told me that every year they randomly choose several students at the school to receive "golden tickets" to go and pick out a free book from the Book Fair.  Guess whose name got called that afternoon :)  And guess who went to the Book Fair first thing that morning to buy her brother a book.  And so now Cindy doesn't get to surprise Luke with a birthday present and now I own two brand new copies of this:

Monday, April 7, 2014


Getting distracted by the Blue Angels performing their air show right when you are trying to drive.

*Disclaimer: This video was taken by Cindy while in a moving car.
You may now lower your tray tables, and your expectations.

Realizing you are going to be eating pineapple for two straight weeks because all 7 growing in your yard are going to be ready at about the same time.

Having to wait until after school gets out to play with your cousins all the time because they are moving only 40 minutes away from you :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Luke Quickie

Last night at about 8:30 we finally all gathered for family scripture study.  It had been a full day, one where we had all gone in different directions and done a lot of activities.  I had been hanging out with my sister-in-law, Molly, for most of the day, Luke went to soccer practice with Jacob, while Cindy and cousin Ana went to activity days last night and I had a primary meeting.  I felt like I hadn't really seen Luke all day, so when Jacob announced to everyone to grab a Book of Mormon I told Luke to go get me one and then sit with me in the office chair. After he grabbed the book, he started to sit on the couch and I reminded him to sit with me. As he started walking toward me, Jacob said with a smile, "No, sit with me!"  Luke stood there smiling and frozen as to what to do.  So I upped the ante and said, "Just sit with your favorite person."  He then started walking towards me, threw me the Book of Mormon and then went and sat by Jacob on the couch. What. the. heck.  Jacob was WAY too smug about this little display of treason, I mean affection. Has Jacob suddenly become the fun one?  Is he really Luke's favorite?  Or perhaps the trip to McDonald's on the way home from soccer had something to do with this...