Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seven Years A Kid

We celebrated Luke's 7th birthday yesterday.  Hard to believe he will be getting baptized next time this year.  For his cake I decided to let Pinterest be my guide and I found a recipe for a giant swiss cake roll.  He keeps asking me to buy them for his lunch, so I figured he would like it.  Which he did, until he started eating the cream filling and was almost in tears because he didn't like that part and Jacob was demanding he finish it all. What is with this child and whipped cream!!!?  It must be a texture thing because I just can't understand why he has such a problem with it.  There wasn't even any cream in it!  And I really did have to make this cake twice.  The first time I was apparently a little confused on the whole "spray the cake pan AND use parchment paper AND spray the paper" part of the directions and had to start all over.  But my perseverance paid off. Deliciously.

The pocketknife that opened everything

Brutal honesty: I really just bought these for myself

Lego Harry Potter!  Not just the trial version!!! 

Nathan and Linnley's chop sabres!!

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Linnley sent Luke a mysterious present from  
Here is a very rough cut of Luke opening the present.  

I am not sure if you can hear what he says, but when he opens it and sees the present he says, 
"I really wanted these!!!"  And then when we tell him what they are he looks all confused and says,
"I never saw these, actually."  Good times :)

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