Friday, May 20, 2016

Opossums Do Not Eat Blossoms; They Eat Chicken

So apparently baby opossums like chicken! Last night we found this little guy cleaning up the last remaining bits of the rotisserie chicken carcass I set out for all the neighborhood cats.  
(Seriously, if you want to see a neat magic trick, put a chicken carcass outside at night and in the morning the entire thing will be gone. I imagine if you had a hidden video camera set up all night, this trick would get even better.)  

Please sir, can I have a little more?
These were our respective reactions to our visitor:

Me:  He's ADORABLE!!! But he also could have rabies.
Cindy:  He's soooo cute, I want to hod it! Wait, what are rabies?
Luke:  He has a really long tail.
Jacob:  I want to know where it lives. 

He hung around for about an hour while Cucuface and Yoshi completed ignored him. They probably thought they would just get tickled with its long nails, so I really don't blame them.  Tickling's the worst.  Finally we closed the garage door and went to bed and when I came out this morning, there was no trace of an opossum anywhere.  Here's hoping he wasn't carried off by an owl!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Puzzler is Sore

We were finally able to finish up the cereal puzzle!!
We would have been done sooner, but every time I sat down to work on it I suddenly had to go eat a bowl of Golden Grahams.

We also finished the circular bald eagle puzzle that Grandma and Grandpa Bingham brought back from their trip to Washington D.C.

And now we have started the piece de resistance!  The bacon puzzle.

I seriously have my doubts about the feasibility of finishing this before Christmas, though it started out easy enough.  Cindy put the border together in about an hour (??) and today the patron saint of bacon puzzles, St. Yoshi the Indolent, appeared and obviously blessed our efforts.

Eagle powers, come to me! We are going to need them :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Orlando Science Center

I got to go with Luke on his field trip to the Orlando Science Center last week.  We got to go to a show about explosions, we saw a movie on the CineDome about National Parks, we played with electrical currents, solved puzzles, dug for fossils, learned about planets, saw live turtles and gators and even got to be part of an entire building evacuation when the fire alarm was pulled.  

And all I got was this lousy picture.

Actually, what I really got was an entire day to spend with Luke and I will take that any day.


We got a hot tip off of Facebook about a family in our Stake that was having a U-pick peach day for $1.00 a pound.  Hot dang!  We made the 40 minute drive down on Saturday morning and found peach heaven.  



And then we found blueberry heaven located conveniently next door.
A nice older man had immaculate blueberry bushes in his 3 acre front yard and we got those morsels for a mere $10/gallon!

And they were the size of quarters!
Okay, maybe Euros.

 The good news is that while we were out there picking all that, KaRyn was down in Ruskin getting us tomatoes, onions and cucumbers!  Peach salsa, anyone?

I would call that a very 'fruitful' weekend, wouldn't you?

I kill me.

And good news, the U-pick pineapples are almost ready:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Cindy Quickie

Tonight we attended the dance recital for Cindy's friends Charlotte and Scarlett.  As the show progressed, Cindy would update me on the name of each dance I was about to see.  Since the theater was very dark, she was using the dim light of her phone to help her read off of the program.  As one number was being set up, she whispered, "This is called "Sherlock in the Shower."  I was immediately confused and then she squinted her eyes really hard and said, "Wait, no. Shadows. It's called "Sherlock in the Shadows."  Whew! Close call.  Modern dance was about to get way too modern.

Scarlett for the win!

The recital was actually held at the Polk Theater, which is a very historic place.  Elvis played here, you know.  It has been on my Lakeland bucket list for years and finally I can say that I have seen it in the flesh.  It is a very unique venue, and when we walked in and saw it fort the fist time, Cindy said, "Wow, I feel like this is where Abraham Lincoln got shot."

I was just waiting for the old men Muppets to come out and critique the show

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Cindy Quickie

The entire 6th grade at Cindy's school is going on a two day overnight field trip starting tomorrow. Okay, the entire 6th grade minus Cindy.  As a family rule, we just really don't do sleepovers and since the school will not allow her to go on the field trip and just not spend the night, Cindy gets two days off from school.  She was telling me how upset she was about this because today they had a meeting about the field trip and it is pretty much going to be the mostest funnest thing in the entire universe.  I did my best to cheer her up and I promised her that I would pay her back for this injustice.  Then I suggested,  "Hey, maybe you can go to work with Dad tomorrow!"  She glared at me and then said, "Then you would have to pay me back twice."  BURN!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day this year was quite lovely.  Jacob and the kids spoiled me with lots of gifts, I didn't have to go to Ward Council, and I got to go to my parent's house for Chinese food dinner.  Luke even painted this for me:

Another Luke Sweeney original

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Goaty McGoatface

Farmer Jenkins got a new baby goat!  Cindy is, at this moment, thinking about how she can kidnap it and have it secretly live in her bedroom.

We have named it Goaty McGoatface.  Our work is done here.

Friday, May 6, 2016


After not being able to run more than a mile and a half for over six months because of IT Band Friction syndrome, I have achieved a breakthrough!

What happened?  This happened:


I bought this IT Band strap from Amazon, did some experimenting with exactly where to place it on my leg and BOOM, it completely works!

The bad news is that even though my leg will let me run 3.5 miles again, I physically cannot do it because I am hideously out of shape.

Haha! So true lately!:

I feel like it's 8 years ago when I was first trying to run a 5K in less than 45 minutes.  So. Hard.
But I will not complain, I will simply get back to work :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Star Wars Day 2016

Okay, okay.  Yes, I know that I did not do Star Wars week on the blog this year.  It makes me sad too.
I realized that I peaked way too early with this whole thing and my kids remind me every year how disappointed they are that we are not drinking blue milk, eating Taun-taun guts or carving a cantaloupe Death Star.  I set the bar way too high, way too early.
But, hey, we got shirts!  I know it isn't much, but it really represents the widow's mite 
of Star Wars celebration.

Okay, I will throw you a bone.  

This is actually how BB-8 is powered.  Who knew?