Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Blog

What are you supposed to say in your first blog entry? Do you want to know what I am wearing today, what I had for breakfast or the current state of my children's bedrooms? (incidentally, navy shorts and an t-shirt, an egg and cheese sandwich, and you can't see the carpet because of all the junk). It is a Tuesday afternoon, Luke is napping, Cindy is laying on the floor waiting to use the computer after me, and Yoshi, my black cat is at the window wimpering to be let in. Fat Chance fleabag! I mean, "Sorry kitty, but you have bugs. :) The only exciting things on schedule for today are 1. writing a paper for my husband's homework, 2. playing soccer at the church and 3. American Idol. But wait, Cindy has just found a real lizard in my fake tree! Suddenly excitement abounds and Yoshi just might have her chance to come in!! What will happen? Will the lizard survive?? Will Cindy faint from fear of something smaller than a pretzel?? Tune in next time for all the answers.