Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ender's Game

Last Saturday was Luke's last soccer game of the spring season.  I can't believe we finished before the crappy, hot weather arrives!  The past few games Luke was really just passing time and, if we are being honest, probably just in it for the post-game snacks, but for his last game he overcame a skinned knee and put on the performance of his life.  He was a wild man out there!  He actually had two shots on goal.  Jacob does 'lessons' with Luke in the backyard every Monday and I think we are starting to see that out on the filed a little.  Luke definitely knows the moves, now he just needs to get some size. We are going to start him on a strict diet of raw eggs and hamburger patties and hopefully he will weigh more than 40 pounds by next season.  I have also figured out that Luke loves to do what I have now decided to call "The Luke Special", which is running at mach 5 to save a ball that is just about to go out of bounds.  He could do it all day long.

A few last pictures...

I also gotta give mad props to my mom, who was very sick all weekend and yet somehow miraculously pulled herself out of bed and made it to the game even after I only told her about it 45 minutes ahead of time.  No mad props to me and my horrible communication skills.

And lest we forget, Cindy is also still in the swing of things with softball.  In a very rare moment of pleasantness the other night, she let me take this photo of her:

This one was unauthorized.  I won't tell if you won't.

Just a few more weeks to go.  Gonna make it, gonna make it, gonna make it...(That's for me, not her :)

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