Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rosa 2.0

Well, I put it off and dragged my feet as long as I could, I guess.  But Cindy now has a bunny. Again. A sweet member of our ward raises Rex rabbits and he graciously decided that Cindy could have one for free.  So now we got this guy (or girl- Cindy has yet to try and really figure out what we're dealing with here):  

Yes, tiny. Yes, crazy soft. Yes, adorable. And Yes, completely at the mercy of Cindy the 12 year old because this is not my pet.  It lives and dies by her hand, I cannot get involved.  Cindy has not named it yet, but has been taking suggestions on Facebook.  She wants something that is kind of Christmasy so she will always remember when she got it.  So far Tinsel and Ginger (a.ka. Gingerbread) are winning.  Personally, I'm pulling for Vixen.  Or maybe Grinchy McGrinchface. (Wait, that's my nickname.)  At any rate, good luck little fur face!  May the odds be ever in your favor :)

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