Monday, December 12, 2016

Winner, Winner, Robot Dinner

Each month at my school we have a team building meeting with all the teachers and support staff.  I know that doesn't sound super fun, but I have to admit that they are usually very entertaining. On Thursday of last week we had our meeting and we split into teams and basically played an Escape Room type game.  I happened to be on the winning team, so I scored a Dunkin' Donuts gift card. Cha-ching! And THEN they were raffling off an Amazon Echo Dot, which I also happened to win.  Double CHA-CHING!  I guess it really was my lucky day! The dot is pretty darn cool- it plays music on command, gives me the weather, let's me Google things about Grumpy Cat, tells me jokes and even lets me order things from Amazon, which I did for the first time yesterday.  Who can pass up the Garth Brooks Ultimate Collection double CD for $1.69?  I couldn't say no and lose money on the deal.  But seriously, is this not the future??!! When I was a kid, I had to write things down on paper and mail them to people to communicate long distance.  Now there is a named robot in my kitchen that instantly connects me to ESPN radio broadcasting live from the other side of the country. Exciting times, friends.

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