Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Bologna Day!

I was soooo close to making and eating a fried balogna sandwich today. And then I got really, really sleepy. It must have been being out at Lithia Springs campground all day yesterday with the kids (and some good friends). Or it could have been staying up really late last night. Or it could have been sitting in the sun watching Cindy playing soccer for an hour and half this afternoon. Or it could have been working the concession stand at the soccer field for another hour and a half after the game. Anyway, I lost all my gumption for the former plan and am now going to celebrate with a favorite David Letterman Top Ten list. You can't go wrong with one of these...


10. Balogna (Ba Lo Nah)
9. Baloney (Ba Lo Nee)
8. Balonia (Ba Lo Nya)
7. Ballooning (Ba Lun Ing)
6. Fellini (Fe Lee Nee)
5. Abalone (A Buh Lo Nee)
4. Papillon (Pa Pee Yon)
3. Aloney-bae (Uh Lo Nee Bay)
2. Bloney (Blo Nee)
1. Bumoney (Buh Mo Nee)

Number two has to be my favorite- and my preferred way of saying bologna.

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