Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Ipod Day!

Is this really even a holiday? I am getting conflicting reports... Anyway, I'm going with it. Cool part is that I actually do own an iPod! Count me in the "cool" club. Oh wait, I am President and CEO of that club, forgive me for the slip up. The funniest thing about my iPod is that all of the playlists and songs on there are really, incredibly random. The only thing I consistently use my iPod for is when I run. So most of the music on there is high-energy remixes. The other half of the iPod are songs we randomly added for our summer road trip. Songs we hadn't heard in forever and would enjoy much more than standard radio fare. Consequently, in my 6th playlist, the 6th song is "Never There" by Cake. In my 11th playlist, the 11th song is "The Princess Bride: Main Title" by Erich Kunzel and in my 16th playlist, the 16th song is "Viva La Vida Factory Remix" by Axel Force. I told you it was random! But what does my musical taste really say about me? Funny you should ask! I took a quiz just last night about just this subject. This is how my results break down:

I scored 57% in the category of reflective and complex music
17% in the category of edgy and aggressive music
90% in the category of fun and simple music
7% in the category of energetic and upbeat music

So my highest percentage was in the Fun and Simple Category. No shocker there. It says that:
"People with high scores on the fun and simple music-preference dimension tend to be sociable, forgiving, happy, reliable, and athletic. When it comes to morals and values, they tend be conservative, and consider family, salvation, and discipline important life values. On those days when the cable's on the fritz, they enjoy reading fashion or sports magazines, and watching a major motion picture, musical, western movie, or comedy movie"

Not sure about the fashion magazines, but other than that, pretty accurate! You can find the test here. So bust out that iPod, update it with new music in the ridiculously un-user friendly interface of iTunes and rock out! You have my permission as well as my blessing. (Just not music by Madonna, Prince, or Jewel- the trifecta of horrible musicians...)

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