Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Dictionary Day!

Being the giant word and grammar nerd that I am, I love this day! I happened to find a very funny website called where you can submit words that you think should be part of the English language, because quite frankly, don't we all at some point "make up words for those hard to express things and ideas in our heads?" Here are 20 of my favorite words from the dictionary: (Note: If you visit this site, please note that while most of the words, definitions and examples are hysterical, there are some that may need a little editing. Just so you know...)

1. prayergating (prâr-gāt'ĭng)
a. ( To apologetically tailgate or otherwise break the rules of the road. This is typically an act by a religious individual who is not keen on breaking rules, but finds it somehow necessary to arrive at their destination in a timely manner.
2. adorkable (ə-dôrk'ə-bəl)
a. (adj.) Equally adorable and dorky.
3. fivehead (fīv'hĕd')
a. (n.) The body part commonly referred to as the forehead, only larger or higher due to a receding hairline or facial structure.
4. alphageek (ăl'fə-gēk)
a. (n.) The most knowledgeable, technically proficient person in an office or work group. Often found shunning lesser geeks in their cubicles.
5. clicklexia (klĭk-lĕk'sē-ə)
a. (n.) A computer-related disorder one suffers from in which they have a tendency to double-click on items which only require one click, often resulting in two items opening instead of just one. This disorder is more often found in novices and aged computer users.
6. qualificated (kwŏl'ə-fĭ-kāt'əd)
a. ( To be both qualified and educated.
7. banectomy (bə-nek'tə-mē)
a. (n.) The removal of bruises and other discrepancies on a banana.
8. chipple (chĭp'əl)
a. (n.) Residue left on one's hands and clothes after eating a bag full of chips.
9. crackerslacker (krăk'ər-slăk'ər)
a. (n.) The crackers that are found under the aluminum or plastic pouch when one finishes a package.
10. frankquilized (frăng'kwə-līzd)
a. ( When, by some fluke or alignment of planets, one has the same amount of hot dogs and hot dog buns. Also, when one's hot dog is the same length as its bun. See also: excess bunnage, excess frankage.
11. musquirt (mŭs'kwûrt)
a. (n.) Water that comes out during the initial squirts of a mustard squeeze bottle
12. snackrifice (snăk'rə-fīs')
a. (v.) The impelling act of sharing one's most treasured treat with one's significant other, friend, or family member in order to avoid hurting their feelings for one's own selfish indulgence.
13. hidying (hī'dē-ĭng)
a. (v.) Tidying to the point that nobody can find anything.
14. arachnijig (ə-răk-nĭ'jĭg)
a. (n.) The involuntary dancing motion one makes when one accidentally walks into a spider web, or is told there's a spider on them.
15. irritainment (ĭr'ĭ-tān'mənt)
a. (n.) Entertainment that makes one irritated
16. arrow-waster (ăr'ō-wā'stər)
a. (n.) One who does not immediately proceed when a left-turn arrow flashes green; preventing following motorists from making it through on the light.
17. destinesia (dĕs'tə-nē'zhə)
a. (n.) Going upstairs or downstairs and being unable to remember why
18. hippocritamus (hĭp'ə-krĭt-ə'məs)
a. (n.) One who performs great acts of hypocrisy.
b. (n.) A big, fat hypocrite.
19. beveragitation (bĕv'răj'ĭ-tā'shən)
a. (n.) The disturbing feeling of loss and bewilderment one experiences when looking into an empty cup or mug that they were sure contained at least another mouthful.
20. bowlikinetics (bō'lĭ'kə-nĕt'ĭks)
a. (n.) The act of trying to control a released bowling ball by twisting one's body in the direction one wants it to go

Go ahead and try these out on your friends! They are sure to think your awesomnity is utterly fabtastic :)

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