Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy (take your pick) Day!

I think there are more choices for holidays on October 30th than pretty much any other day. My trusty holiday website gives me 9 different choices. It's Frankenstein Friday, Candy Corn Day, Devil's Night, National Forgiveness Day, International Bandana Day, Checklist Day, Create a Great Funeral Day and Haunted Refrigerator Night. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions... how about ALL OF THEM! Give me five minutes. Ready, set, GO!

Frankenstein Friday:

Who brings mommy monsters their new babies?
The Frankenstork!

What did one of Frankenstein’s ears say to the other?
I didn’t know we lived on the same block!

Candy Corn Day:


Devil's Night:

Study this chart for the test I will be giving on 'Creepy Mammals' on Monday....
Doesn't really look like that annoying Looney Toons guy to me. Seriously, the "pale pink ears that turn red when angry" are totally spooking me.

National Forgiveness Day:
I would officially like to ask all the Twilight fans out there to forgive me for insulting them and their books before I even read them. I have joined your ranks and I am not ashamed to admit it.

International Bandana Day
I just did a little research on this and cannot confirm that this is a real holiday. Well, actually, I think it is a real holiday, just celebrated on about 10 different days. Better just go with another cat picture:

Checklist Day
This was my to do list this morning:
* wake up with a horriffic sore throat
* drink scalding hot chocolate to ease the pain
* take Cindy to school
* forget that you were snack mom for her class today
* go to Wal-mart
* go back to school to drop off the snack
* go home to take medicine
* do some online banking, blogging, picture downloading, piano playing
* watch 4 episodes of Blue's Clues
* Let Luke finally have a turn watching something he likes
* make plans to check off another "experience" tomorrow morning at 10AM
* shower
* go to the last Auburndale High School football game to take tickets
* spend the entire night there playing 20 questions to pass the time
* absolutely stump your co-workers with having them try to guess "sand dollar", "contact lens" and "golf tee" during 20 questions
* finish that super amazing blog post you were working on

Create a Great Funeral Day

Wow, this one is a little hard for me. Not sure I want to really think about this too long. The other thing I am asking myself is have I ever come home from a funeral and thought "Now THAT was a great funeral!"
All I can say is that I have three requests for my funeral:
1. No viewing please (I think they are creepy).
2. "Redeemer of Israel" needs to be sung or heard. Preferably that version by the MoTab with the descant fancy embellishment thing on the third verse.
3. Lots and lots of chocolate milk, because you would be saying it was a great funeral afterwards :)

Haunted Refrigerator Night
I just went to my fridge to find the scariest thing in there and this is what I found:

Alright, not really. She was in the freezer. Rim shot! But seriously folks, I did find a shriveling cucumber:

Rosa will be eating good tonight!

So there you have it, 9 holidays, 5 minutes, 1 big nerd :)

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