Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy National Grouch Day!

I was telling my mother-in-law, DeAnne, the other day that this holiday comes at the exact right time because there is nary a soul on the planet who is more grouchy than Luke right now. Seriously, he must be secretly sleeping only about an hour a night because he is just so ornery all day! And don't get me started about his meltdown at 3:15 every afternoon. This is the precise moment when he wakes up in the car after accidentally falling asleep on the way to get Cindy from school. He wakes up and bawls his eyes out in a drunken stupor while just moaning "Mommmmm...." over and over and over and over. And the worst part is that his grouchiness continues well into the next several hours when all he does is wander around sobbing and mumbling about needing to "watch something on the big screen." Oh, the humanity!

But there are other grouches to celebrate: you got Oscar, Grouchy Smurf, Grumpy the dwarf, a certain Ladybug, Roz from Monsters, Inc., my across the street neighbor when you mess with his mailbox, every cashier at my local Wal-mart; yes, grouches surround us. And this is their day to just be themselves (like one day they up and wouldn't, right?) Anyway, this day is for them. I hope it's a horrible one!

Take us out Oscar:

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