Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy National Cake Decorating Day!

Thank goodness my appetite has totally returned:) Cindy loves to make cake, eat cake, think about cake, spell the word cake, pretend to blow out candles- she just loves all things about cake. So this day was right up her alley. I had to do a little convincing to do the Frankenstein design (she really was fighting for a pink cake- DUH), but once I told her how she could help she was totally on board. Plus, it's Halloween and I have never officially made a Halloween cake. Here is our creation:

Luke could only watch and wait.

Wow, the snipped Ziploc bag works WAY better than the professional cake decorators bag. Cindy did most of the hair, the pupils, the eyebrows and the tongue. She was squealing with delight the entire time.

Ol' Frankie turned out pretty good, I have to say. I saw a trick-or-treat bag on the internet with this face on it and thought it was the perfect design for a rectangle.

Anyway, we are having Family Home Evening tonight because of all the sickness in the house this week, so we will serve him up, complete with candles sticking out of his neck. Awww-yeeee-ah!

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Mags said...

Nice, I'm gonna steal your cake decorating idea. It's awesome looking.