Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Navy Day!

Pop Quiz time! On this very special day you are to:

A. Dress in head to toe in a deep shade of blue
B. Give some well deserved attention to your proud U.S. Navy, and to the sailors who serve our country
C. Eat a large bowl of chili made with delicious, yet often-times overlooked, Navy Beans

The correct answer is....B. But who wouldn't also want to do A & C? Navy blue is actually one of my favorite colors and the Navy bean is quite tasty. But, I digress...

I can say that I only actually know two Navy sailors- one is John Foley, a man in my ward at church (who is lovingly referred to by his children as "the real James Bond" and who I am CERTAIN could kill me with his bare hands) and the other is Jacob's best friend from his childhood, Ryan Pomicter, who is now a surgeon in Virginia somwhere. In fact the only two times I have ever really even been close to a Navy ship was on a side trip to Baltimore, MD back in 2002 and when I visited Pearl Harbor in 2006. Baltimore was a few years before I went digital with my picture taking, but here are my ship shots from Pearl Harbor:

It is pretty incredible to think those huge masses of metal are able to float on the water. And not only that, we can steer them, launch missiles off them and even land a plane or two on them if needs be. Crazy! Anyone who serves in any branch of the armed forces is awesome. They make a huge sacrifice for the rest of us pansies and I salute them!

And here is a peppy, one minute Navy video that is the perfect way to say you have properly observed this day :)

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