Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Bridge Day!

At first I was convinced that this was the day I was finally going to learn to play bridge! Sweet, I have always wanted to know how to play that card game. But alas, Bridge Day really is about a bridge! D'oh! In West Virginia of all places! Anyhow, every year they have Bridge Day and an ensuing Festival that attracts thousands of people (Seriously, like 80,000! In West Virginia! I know, right?) The big draw is the 876 foot tall New River Gorge Bridge. People from all over the world come to BASE jump off this bad boy. And do you know what BASE stands for? I totally learned something today and that is that BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. These are the four fixed objects from which jumpers can parachute. Cool, huh? I never knew that until right now.

This is a sweet picture from the official Bridge Day website- Amazing!

I will never be that cool, so I found the bestest bridge around town I could find. This is the "bridge" along the Ft. Fraser trail where I ride my bike all the time. And coincidentally about 10 feet from where I saw that baby gator in the road that one time. I know, not as grand as an 876 foot bridge in West Virginia, but hey, when you live at sea level you do the best you can.
Luke should be ashamed with form like that. Blecch!

My mom graciously agreed to come along and be my photog for this monumental day. And we even played our own version of "Pooh Sticks" by racing leaves in the water below. Pretty darn fun for a 30 minute excursion! Anyhow, go visit a bridge today. So when people say, "So if an amazing blogger you knew went and visited a bridge, would you visit a bridge too?" You could say, "Heck ya!"

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