Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Techie's Day!

In honor of Techie's Day, I have penned a little song to publicly acknowledge our complete and total reliance on Jacob's brother, Robert, for all our computer troubleshooting needs. He works for Microsoft (for XBOX to be exact) and over the years he has been our own personal Geek Squad (minus the squad. which makes him just a geek, I guess. Just kidding, Robert! I won't bite the hand the remotely assists us :) In fact, Jacob will go months without talking to Robert for any reason, but you can be sure that when Jacob does take the time to chat, it is always about a computer-related issue. Anyway, Robert is amazingly patient with us and has helped us with so many different computer issues, including talking Jacob through building an entire computer, over the phone . It was incredible. So Robert (our favorite techie), This one's for you!

It was a true test of self-acceptance to even post this video. I mean, the horrible singing, the weird hairdo- If I am trying to embrace my weirdliness, I guess this video was one sure way to help me do it.

Anyway, in case my magnificent singing is not clear enough...(who am I kidding?!)Here are the words.

Ode to Robert
(sung to the tune of "I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder)

Our font’s too small
What’s a firewall?
And Luke just made our folders disappear
Is it our motherboard, where do I put this cord?
Why couldn’t you have worked for someone here?

We downloaded songs
Now something’s wrong
Oh, please, tell me that our pictures are still there
What can we do? Should we just re-boot?
And while you’re at it can you fix my squeaky chair?

We just called, to say, please help me
We just called to ask you one more time
We just called to say please help me
And we promise our computer will be fine

Do we need more RAM?
What’s the best web cam?
And I’m thinking that we’ll just go buy the Wii
Then what we need is something cool
Please say to us “I’ll get that free Xbox for you!”

What is with our fan??
Our printer’s jammed
And what the heck does “internal error” even mean?
Have we been hacked? We’ll just get a Mac...
Okay, calm down, I won’t bring that one up again.

We just called, to say, please help us
We just called to ask you one more time
We just called to say please help us
And we promise our computer will be fine.

Tomorrow's post will be nice and short. I promise :)

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Mags said...

Oh my gosh!!! I was laughing so hard that I had to read the lyrics to Zeke to explain my laughter. The mac comment was what did it. Then again, I live out here too, Microsoft is its own culture that is everywhere. Several in our ward are employed there too.