Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Howl at the Moon Day!

For real. At nine o'clock tonight (your local time) you are to go outside and give your best howl to the moon. This is the inagural year of this holiday, according to the website, so we will see how good their marketing has been. I am going to see how many other people in my neighborhood are also howling at the moon with me tonight. I have a feeling I might be alone in my principles :)

On another note, we had Cindy's Fall Festival at her school last Thursday. I took the kids down and they got to slide, trick or treat, eat candy, play games, eat more candy, run around, eat candy and Cindy even got to watch some clogging! She was completely mesmorized and was the only one clapping along with every song and every tap. Hmmm, might their be a clogger in her waiting to get out?? Perhaps... Here are a few pictures:

Cindy actually refused to wear this outfit because she said the front tunic made her look like a boy and the boots are too itchy. Oh brother! Another piece of advice for that parenting book I am going to write: "Never become more invested in your child's Halloween costume than they are." Ugh, I slaved over this thing!!

There was the wildly popular booth "Picture with a Pig" sponsored by the 4H Club of somewhere. He was very fragrant, shall we say.

Cindy was so funny when it was time for donut on a string. She caught the donut in her mouth just like this, and then proceeded to eat it like this. So she ate the donute entirely while it was still on the string. She just saddled up and chewed. It was quite funny to many of the parents observing.

I only took this picture of Cindy and her friend from class, Ryan, because Ryan reminded me so much of a little Jacob! Complete with soccer player costume and everything! Maybe no one else sees it like I do, but I just thought they were too cute.

Anyway, Cindy promised me that in return for not wearing her costume to Fall Festival, she would wear it for actual Halloween. She'd better! Or I will Musketeer her little behind... Luke will also be a musketeer, can't wait to see his tunic on him :)

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