Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy National Fruit Day!

Alright, alright, I confess! It is actually National Brandied Fruit Day but since I don't have any alcohol in my home or cook with alcohol ever, I can't exactly make up some snappy brandied cherries or something. Sounds a little gross anyway. So I simply removed the "brandied" part of the day and am just going to celebrate fruit. Ah, fruit! I actually really love fruit. My favorites would have to be the strawberry, the cherry, the banana, the cantalope and the pineapple. In fact, here are some lesser known facts about me, my family and fruit: (How did I read your mind just now and know that is what you wanted to read about? Amazing, isn't it!?)

Did You Know....

----> That my favorite fruit pie is the cherry pie (there's not even a close second)
----> That one year we gave my brother, Chris, a can of cherry pie filling in his stocking so he could eat it as a snack right out of the can? (See, I am not alone in my principles!)

----> That my mom loves to use the word "fruity" to describe something that doesn't look quite right

----> I have never been able to grow a pumpkin or cantalope in Florida, ever

----> Jacob hates Red Delicious apples, really he will only eat a Fuji or a Gala

----> A good way to get a watermelon really cold is to put it in your pool (done it, it works- just make sure there are no cracks in the melon)

----> The one fruit that Luke could eat forever and ever and never stop is canned mandarin oranges (he calls them "peaches")

----> The best topping on a waffle in the history of the world is Pear Syrup, made by Jacob's Grandma, Dorothy Henrie (mine is a disappointing knock-off)
----> The best part of eating in a Mexican restaurant is fresh guacamole. If they don't have that, leave immediately.

Now, when I first started this experiment 20 days ago, it was not my intention to simply hack youtube every day for a post. But again, I have found a nice video that is so entertaining and perfect for this day, that alas, I cannot resist its charm. And there are some pretty amazing facts in this little movie- check it out! (love the Mango, and love the Cat ;)

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Mags said...

Jacob should try Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apples. Those are pretty sweet.