Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy National Clergy Appreciation Day!

First off, I tried a fluffernutter today with my lunch. Quite tasty! And Cindy had two for her lunch today. Perhaps I have found the elusive variety of sandwich that Cindy will actually eat at school...

So for National Clergy Appreciation Day we made some cookies and sent them with Jacob up to our Bishop at the church. Because nothing says thank you for giving selflessly for 5 years of your life like 4 chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, that's fair.

Cindy and Jacob giving Bishop the incredibly enthusiastic thumbs up.

Anyway, I really do think my ward has the best Bishop in the whole world. Bishop Bailey is on his second time around in this calling and he is one hard workin' guy. Bishops in the LDS Church do not get paid. It is done strictly on a volunteer basis, but this is like having a volunteering gig that takes 40+ hours a week- it really is like a second job. Bishop Bailey gives a ton of time on behalf of so many people so our family wanted to salute him (and his family for sharing him with us:) Thanks, Baileys! We Love You!

P.S. And thanks Erika for posting pictures on Facebook and letting me freely steal them anytime I need a visual ;)

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Mags said...

I think Bishop Bailey was the bishop when I moved away from Florida.