Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

I so did not need to celebrate this day. Because it actually ended up being National Eat Your Weight in Chocolate Cupcakes Day. I just can't resist the dang things! Oh well, that is the real reason I exercise; because my sweet tooth is the size of a Volkswagen. And I like it that way :) So anyway, I decided to celebrate this day in 2 ways. First, I made chocolate cupcakes for the Young Women's group at Church. It was Birthday Sunday, after all. Melissa Allen has a picture of it somewhere, so when she puts it on Facebook, I will steal it and put it here. Secondly, I took the other half of that cupcake batter and made mini cupcakes that were all filled with something different. I did a coconut, smore, peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie dough, turtle and chocolate chips. I wasn't messing around! The coconut one was very, very good, but next time I will sweeten it just a bit more. Anyway, we still have some left so I will probably put them in hinterlands of my freezer to tempt me just a little less.

On a completely different note, we carved our pumpkin today! I bought mine early this year and of course it began to mold :( Not that either of my children minded one bit. Anyway, he turned out pretty spooky and all the candle lighting, singing, ("Happy Birthday, dear pumpkin...) and then candle-blowing-out that ensued when we were done was well worth the effort.

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