Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Internet Day AND Happy Hermit Day!

Seriously, could there be a better combination of holidays? Ever? The answer is a flat out NO. There are no two words that better describe me than hermit and Internet. I would seriously go pro with the whole hermit thing if I could. And the Internet, well, we all know I want to marry it. And just what am I doing on the Internet? Actually, I just opened a new tab on my web browser and it very conveniently tells me what my 9 most visited websites are. So here they are:

Wow, am I boring or what? It just goes to show you that I love the Internet for about 5 reasons: to spy on my friends, to read the news, blog, do my banking and buy stuff. Huh, that really IS what I mostly use the internet for. Weird to see it broken down so simply like that. I guess I did forget one other major reason- to waist time. But I would have to go into an entire additional blog post to cover that subject. Stay tuned for that one...

And speaking of hermits, when I think of the word hermit, three things come to mind: Obi Wan Kanobi, crabs and oldies music. Oh, have you not heard of the 60's group named "Herman's Hermits"? Well, they had some great hits back in the day and their hit song "Into Something Good" is one of the best songs to sing harmonies with. And I don't even SING harmonies! Google it, it's a great one... But back to the matter at hand! Hermit is a word that describes me prefectly, as I can only stand being out amongst people for so long (usually about 11 minutes). Besides, being out in public requires a lot of work. Things like showering, makeup, fashion choices- good grief, I am tired just thinking about it! Much easier to just hang out at your own house and work on projects all day that never seem to end. And since I didn't really get a chance to be a hermit today (Halloween parade, errands, DJ a party, etc.) I think I will disappear tomorrow, not answer my phone, and have no contact with the outside world for a few days. Oh wait, that sounds like what I do every day. Well then, back to normal it is!

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