Monday, October 5, 2009

Dash for Donuts 5K

Saturday I ran a local race called the Great Donut Dash 5K (benefiting a local Policeman's Memorial Fund organization). The premise behind this race was that there would be stations set up along the 3 mile route where you had the opportunity to eat donuts and each donut you ate actually helped you deduct time off your total run time. The first donut took off 15 seconds, the second took off an additional 30 seconds and so on. Anyway, myself, my friends Michelle, Rachel and Davina and her husband Aaron all decided to do it. It was an interesting experience. I had absolutely no desire to eat during a race, but when in Rome, right? So we all stopped and had our 1 donut at the second station. I have discovered that glazed donuts are not the best choice for mid-race food. The donut was sticky, gummy and hard to put down in any sort of efficient manner. So after that one donut, I decided to just get the rest of the race over with before I started walking or puked. I do want to mention however, that there was one of us that really pulled out all the stops and that was Aaron- who ate SEVEN donuts along the way! Seriously, it was incredible. Good strategy too because he must have gotten several minutes off his score. (None of us could stay to await the final race results, I will have to keep you apprised of the situation on that one.) Anyway, good times to get out and run with good friends. And a HUGE shout out to Davina for bringing the camera and taking all the pictures- where would I be without you?

Before the race and feeling confident

Trying to get it down

Nice work, ladies!

Aaron working on one of his 7 donuts. Davina and Aaron both pushed kids in jogging strollers as well. Amazing!

After the race. Go team!

I am definitely looking forward to another 5K. Who's with me?


Mags said...

Is that Lake Holingsworth? Wow, I remembering running that lake at night. Such a nice easy run. Oh, to be able to do that again.

Jessica said...

Yup, good Ol' Lake Hollingsworth. I too love running that lake during the evening. Much easier than my hilly neighborhood route...

Mags said...

Haha, hills in Florida? Just kidding.