Monday, November 2, 2009

Experience #16- Shoot a Gun

Yes, it is true. I am thirty years old and have never shot a real gun before. But you have to understand that I haven't really grown up around guns. Things like the military, hunting or anything similar is pretty foreign to my realm of experience, so the opportunity has never really presented itself to me in my short thirty years. Which is also why I probably haven't ever really thought about shooting guns either. But since Jacob now owns a gun, I decided it was time to experience another true first in my life. (And also get a tutorial on how to actually use our gun. Right now I would have to hit people with the gun if my life depended on it, and I don't really know how effective that plan of action would be.)

So I summoned the help of a family friend, Doug McPherson. I have known Doug since I was about 15 years old and he was so nice to hlep me out with crossing this experience off my list. We met Doug out at Saddle Creek Gun Range. As we pulled up to the range I started to get reeeallly nervous, based on the fact that I was seeing and hearing some of the loudest, most ridiculous firearms I didn't realize a regular civilian could own. Some of the guns I saw out there were crazy! I really did start to sweat a little and almost convinced myself I couldn't do it. But, I got over it and had a really good time!

Me and Doug: My firearms sensei

Doug got out his telescope to see all my sweet shots

Not bad for a rookie! I was a pretty accurate shot with the scope. Okay, I was only about 30 yards out, but still! I was proud.

Here I am breaking in our gun. It has quite a kick to it! At least to me, it does. This is the closest I will ever get to being Sydney Bristow. Sigh....

Jacob getting some instruction from Doug.

So here is the raw video of me shooting the assualt rifle. This was like my 5th shot EVER of my entire life. I have terrible form, yes, I know. I can't remember all the different names and specs of the guns we shot (4 total)- sorry, I don't speak gun yet. But I do know that this rifle was a 22 caliber and our gun is a 40 caliber. Wow, I am shocked I even remember that much!

This whole experience was totally fun. Much more enjoyable than I would have thought. Thanks, Doug! We had a blast. (No pun intended :)


Karin said...

Way to go! Shooting can be lots of fun (as long as you are being safe)! :)

Mags said...

Why did you guys decide to buy a gun? Just curious. My husband grew up where no one owned guns unless they were the bad guys. So he is a bit weirded out that I was licensed to hunt by age 12.