Monday, November 30, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Being consumed with Thanksgiving and family activities for the past week and seemingly always having had something to do for the last 168 hours straight, I feel like I crawled underground for 7 days and finally poked my head out today to check things out. It's nice out here!

Anyway, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. (I hope everyone out there had a nice one too :) My brother Dave and his family came down from Tallahassee, and my brother Chris and his family came from Tampa, so we all packed in my folks' place for one of the 12 times a year when my parents actually hate having a small house. But space or no space, we had awesome food, tons of fun, laughter, and best of all: the bounce house. Grandma and Grandpa were amazing heroes this year for renting hours upon hours of inflatable goodness. A few lowly pics...

Uncle Dave with Luke and Addie (and her magical, amazing hair)

I took this picture just because my mom was making a face while Chris told a disgusting doctor story

♫ It's the Circle of Liiiiiiiiife.... ♫ Luke loved it when Uncle Chris lifted him up in the air like that

And also when he got to jump on Chris' back (along with Addie- who was the perfect partner in crime for the week) Chris also entertained Luke and Addie with his mad juggling skills. The kids were in awe!!!!

All the girls at the "pre-bounce house pow-wow"

Getting ready for some serious FUN.

Luke probably went down the slide part of the house about 1300 times. I went down about 70. I went face first, on my back, and a combo of both. And between me, Jacob, Chris, and all the cousins, I think we pretty much saw every different way to come down that thing. The front flip entrance was my favorite.

Thanksgiving 2009: SUCCESS!

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Mags said...

Awww!! Thanks for the pictures. I haven't seen your brothers in years.

I don't remember your parents place being small either. Then again, I think it was David and Brian there at the time.

Awesome Holiday!!