Monday, November 23, 2009

My latest 5K Adventures

The past two Saturdays have found me up at 6:30am and getting ready for a 5K. On the 14th it was the Polk County Family Week 5K at Fort Fraser Trail here in South Lakeland. I'll admit I was not really excited about this run because I bike the trail all the time and I knew that I was in for an uphill course. Not my favorite. Anyway, I made it throught the race with a time of 26:17- a personal best! Yahoo! My friend Michelle was supposed to run this race, but she backed out in the name of her son's soccer game. Oh, brother! Just kidding, Michelle, I understand. I guess :) My other friend, Davina, was also slated to run with me and it was looking pretty iffy for her because she launches rockets out at Cape Canaveral for the Air Force (just a fun little hobby she has) and her midnight launch meant only about 3 hours of sleep the night before, BUT she is incredibly tough and came out anyway to not let me run alone. She also placed first in her age group with a time in the 24 minute range- amazing! And for her hard work she got a picture frame. Awwwhhh-yeeeah! We got our picture taken after the race too, so here ya go:

Dang, we ROCK!

Then this past Saturday was the 1st Annual Bartow Turkey Chase 5K. I was more excited about this race because I was pretty sure the course was flat and after the last 5K I made it my goal to run a time in the 25 minute bracket. And I got my wish! I placed second in my age group, behind Michelle, of course (She is my new age group arch nemesis being that she just turned 30) My time was 25:47. Made it by 13 seconds even! Davina won first place overall for all the women. Again, she is amazing. And so is Michelle, who need I remind you has a 10 week old baby. We had a very fun time together- If nothing else, I am glad I took up running just for the fact that I could hang out with these ladies and have a ton of fun doing it. Some pictures of the day:

Pre-race photo. I believe my magical fashion glasses were what made me so fast. I lost my other ones :(

I bowed down to have my medal hung around my neck and I couldn't stop laughing.

Our version of the Olympic podium.

Next up, Santa Sprint 5K on December 19th. And guess who is going to be running with me? Elder Bingham. Believe it!

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