Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now that's a painting!

I have read in magazines and online that a great thing to do with all that "art" your children make is to frame it. That way you not only preserve it and avoid the guilt that comes when throwing their things away, but you also don't have to go out and buy things to decorate your walls. Say no more to this Mom!

Cindy painted this really cool abstract painting a while back and I framed it and put it in the kitchen. (She absolutely loves watercolor painting. I need to buy those little paint sets in bulk, she goes through them so fast.) A budding artist? Maybe. Just don't ask her to "draw" anything. The latest homework assignment to draw a fireman almost turned into a hostage situation. It was a bit tense, shall we say. Anyway, now I just have to find a frame for my dining room table that Luke just decorated with a sharpie.

**OH, a programming note: Friday starts my official "Salute to Twilight Week" in Sweeneyville. Yes, it will be awesome :)


Amy said...

That is surprisingly beautiful beyond her years. Go Cindy!

Karin said...

Love her art. Nice energy.