Friday, November 20, 2009

Experience #17- Attend a Midnight Movie Premiere

Just to be clear, I have been to midnight showings of movies before, just never on opening night. So here was my perfect opportunity! Our theatre here in Lakeland had 18 theatres and they were all completely sold out for the next movie in the Twilight Saga: New Moon. Knowing this, I was pretty much expecting utter pandemonium when I finally got there. You know, throngs of girls absolutely everywhere, lots of vampire costumes, people having fist fights over who was saving seats, constant shrieking about anything related to Edward, you name it. But I have to say the entire experience was totally tame! Yes, there were tons of people, but we were very orderly seated in our theatre by 10pm and then we just leisurely killed two hours with calm conversation, tons of texting, random picture-taking, and bathroom breaks before the line got over 200 yards long. All in all, it was very relaxing! (And just so you know, we took this picture in front of a very large group of people still in line and it was a little intimidating. But Sarah and Ellen are not deterred- it was perfect :)

Here are a few pictures: More may be forth coming as they appear on the Facebook pages of the girls...

Ellen did not disappoint me. She brought her copy of New Moon with her to the movie. Boo-yah.

Melissa and Brianna scoring some popcorn while we waited.

I so love this picture. Ellen so spunky and excited, Sarah so tolerant and pensive. You girls are so cool :)

Ellen had to dig for the collector's cup with all three characters on it. Well done.

As for the movie itself, I am going to post an official review over the next few days as I digest it (and possibly go see it again just to be sure of my opinion). It definitely had some highs and lows :) But sitting next to Ellen and being with those girls was really, really fun. We even made very good friends with Sarah and Nate, a married couple that sat next to us. We were high-fiving and having deep Twilight conversations all night. In fact, I think Ellen will be friending Sarah on Facebook any day now. There was no real yelling, shrieking, etc. during the movie- okay, just a couple of lusty growls when we first saw Edward or Jacob, but by far the best shout out was a guy in the row in front of us who yelled out "You're a jerk!" when Bella dissed Jacob to go after Edward. It was awesome.

I am still running on about 4 1/2 hours of sleep right now, so hopefully this all makes sense. Good thing I don't do this midnight thing very often, going to bed at 3:15 is painful! I wish I could be a Cullen and never sleep. Life would be so much easier :)

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