Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There once was a story called Twilight...

This post is mainly for those of you out there that have not read the books in the Twilight Saga. As the movie comes out and Twilight insanity grips the planet over the next few weeks, you will need to arm yourself with at least a basic knowledge of the plot to get by in life. So to both of you, I now present four limericks to do just that:


There once was girl named Bella,
Who fell in love with this vampire fella.
Edward fell for her too,
But what else could he do?
He just couldn’t resist her good smell-a.

New Moon

Edward then decided to leave her.
Jacob’s werewolfy arms did receiver her.
But then Edward returned,
And of big news we did learn-
If Bella says their engaged, well, believe her!


Bella still wanted to stay,
Close to Jacob in a “just friends” kind of way.
But she had to decide:
The wolf or become Edward’s bride?
To the wedding, without further delay!

Breaking Dawn

They got married and had a cute daughter.
And Bella saved everyone from the Volturi’s slaughter.
She and Edward are together,
from now till forever.
And that is why Twilight beats Harry Potter :)


Corbin and Amy said...

You summed it up perfectly!!!!!! I'm so excited.

Meredith said...

You are HILARIOUS! :)

Linnley Marie said...

Ha ha I love it! And I would have to agree that is was and is better than Harry Potter!