Saturday, November 14, 2009

You say 'obsessed' like it's a bad thing

So after yesterday's post, I realized that there might be some of you out there who think I am a little obsessed with Twilight- and to a point I have wondered the same thing myself. However, after I Googled anything Twilight, and mildly scanned some of the 102,000,000 results that came up, which included INSANE Twilight fan sites, millions of youtube videos, merchandise up the wazoo and fan fiction that doesn't even come from this planet, I realize that I am the normal one! Furthermore, I used this top ten list as my litmus test and I passed with flying colors. So nanner, nanner!


10. You threw out all your spoons and knives so your house would only have Forks
9. You own two silver Volvos, but zero driver's licenses
8. Your Edward Cullen cardboard cutout has a social security number and his own post office box
7. Your friends at school refer to you as "that freak that's obsessed with Twilight"
6. Number of times you have read Twilight this month: 1,200. Number of times you left your room this month: 4
5. For Halloween you dressed up as Twilight special effects director, Lawerence Decker
4. You're reading this from your place in line outside the Cobb Theater for next week's New Moon premiere
3. Your friend called you while you were reading Twilight last night and today you punched them in the face
2. Your YouTube video of an all-ferret Twilight re-enactment is almost finished
1. You will be reading my blog every day this week

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Kt said...

I laughed so hard at this! Not just the post, but the whole thing. That is my favorite Edward Cullen quote...I try to drop it into everyday conversation at least once a week. Oooh...I think I'll trick the student who runs the byuearth club into putting that on his "save energy" posters....genius!