Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The things my kids say...

Last Sunday night my dad got really sick and was throwing up all night. On Monday I was talking to Cindy and I told her about it. Cindy says to me, "Well, I was just wondering....What does grandpa's throw up look like? I mean, I know what little kid throw up looks like, but what about a mom's or a grandma's or grandpa's?" (I guess I could have called and asked....)

I was decorating my house with all my Christmas stuff yesterday and I got out a pre-lit garland. I plugged it in and was trying to wrap it around my lamp and bookcase and Luke walked in and said, "Ooohh, I like your Christmas snake!"

Last night was the first night of the Christmas advent calendar for this year. This year the calendar has a Christmas-shaped chocolate candy under each door. Cindy had been obssessing about it all day. Holding the card, unwrapping the card, carrying the card around with her, etc. (Hard to believe, right?) So finally it was time to open the door for number 1. I guessed snowman, dad guessed ornament and Cindy guessed "circle". We thought she didn't understand the game, so we tried to get her to guess something else (so she would have a chance) but she would not be moved. We conceded, and when she opened it, it was a circular piece of chocolate. What she did not realize is that the pieces are put in backwards and on the other side of the chocolate was the mold of a candle. Ha ha, Cindy! You were simultaneously outed and foiled!! I love you, backwards chocolate advent calendar :)

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