Sunday, March 6, 2011

An open letter to my readers...(both of you)

Dear Sweeneyville Readers,

I knew sooner or later I would have to blog about this, so here goes. Friday afternoon my mom found out she has breast cancer. To say it was a shock is really and truly the understatement of the year, (despite my top 13 other understatements that are still pretty close). We don't have a family history of this disease and for the most part all of my family members have never really had significant health problems. Besides, who wants to hear that their parents might not actually live forever, right? So I spent most of Friday night feeling really sad and distraught, to be honest. But finally by this morning I think I had moved past the emotional freaking out stage and advanced to the logical and rationaly thinking with my brain stage; a much better place to be in. Her prognosis is good. Survival rate is very high. My brother is a doctor in Tampa and has already been able to help her with recommendations for treatment, surgeons, etc, so in a world of bad news, you gotta admit it that this is about as good as it gets. So many of you have already offered so many kind words and emails and prayers and I appreciate all of you more than you will know. Onward and upward! I love you, Mom :)

Captain Sweeneyville


Karin said...

Sending love, prayers, hugs, & lots of hope! Your mom is a phenomenal lady--& if any family can make it through this experience with flying colors--it is your amazing family!!!! Love you!!!!!

Mags said...

I am so glad that Chris lives close enough to help. It's nice to have an 'in' with these things. And you said it best and I am sure anyone who has ever met your mother thinks the same way. They can't help but love her. She is awesome!