Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tangled Webs We Weave

#27- Labyrinth
Suggested by Sweeneyville reader Maggie Hsu

Maggie is my mail carrier. Here in little old Lakeland, I still have a mail slot on my front door and all our postmen are on foot. No crazy jeeps or little mail trucks here! During the summer months I got a little careless with my front yard sprinklers and more than once they would come on right when she was making the approach to my front door. She never got mad, she just got an umbrella, and for her limitless patience, I say, Thank You. Well, Maggie really is my most loyal blog reader and is especially awesome at blog commenting. She used to live and go to school here in Lakeland, but currently lives in Washington state. She has three cute boys and one darling little girl (she really is sooo cute). She always takes her kids hiking, to play at parks, to children's museums and all kinds of stuff. I read her blog so I know all the cool things she is up to. She attempts all kinds of crafts, sewing, cloth diapers (that is not a typo), and pretty much I would not agree to watch this movie for anyone else but her.

Overall: 6/10
Deductions: David Bowie, David Bowie's singing, David Bowie's clothes, puppets
Bonus Points: still thinking...

So the background on this movie for me is that I have seen bits and pieces of it and always thought it was just really creepy. Tons of people I know "used to watch this when they were kids" but I never saw it or ever wanted to. Maybe it's a Bingham thing because none of my siblings like this movie either. In fact, my brother Dave, says, and I quote "Each time you watch this movie, it takes 5 years off your life." It just looks utterly strange and scary. I mean, it has funky goblin puppets, crazy music, a baby that has been kidnapped!!! And could David Bowie look any more spooky? He looks spooky without makeup, so with his crazy get-up it's even worse. Not a David Bowie music fan either. Never have been. So the fact that there are songs and he sings them!!! was a little bit torturous. However, I will say I understand the attraction to the idea of the movie. A fantasy film where you have to navigate a strange labyrinth with riddles, adventures, and interesting creatures is a good start. But I found Sarah's character annoying and I still don't understand why in the end all the characters came to life and they had a party in her room. Wasn't her mom saying she was old enough to date? But yet she still has stuffed animals and sees imaginary friends. I did notice that maybe JK Rowling took a little inspiration from this movie, though. 1. Sarah accidentally calls Hoggle "Hogwart." 2. The name "Ludo" is used in both stories and 3. The final task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament was a Labyrinth of sorts, was it not? Hmmmm.... So there you go, Maggie. I watched it. And lived to tell about it :) I still don't judge anyone who likes it, but it's just not my cup of cocoa.


Mags said...

Hehe, you could have watched Willow instead. It has a young Val Kilmer in it. ;P

Karin said...

I like Willow, too. I'm a sucker for Val Kilmer (especially if given a choice between Val & David Bowie--eeeeew!). :) Didn't we see The Saint together a billion years ago...?