Monday, December 13, 2010

90 Minutes of Torture

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Movie #29- Saturday's Warrior
Suggested by Myself

Okay, so this is a mormonish movie from back in the 80's. A lot of my contemporaries have seen this movie and make references to it's cheesy music and acting. Jacob even says he used to watch this as a kid as a Sunday-appropriate movie. I had never ever seen it and thought, "What the heck, let's take a look." And now I want to scratch my eyes out and scrub my brain with a Brillo pad. Why didn't anyone warn me? No, I mean, REALLY warn me???!!! What kind of friends are you?!

Saturday's Warrior
Overall: does my scale go into negative numbers? Let's say 1/10 just to keep it real
Deductions: The acting, the singing, the script, the dancing, the horrible clothes, the horrific hairdos, oh, the tremendous amount of FALSE DOCTRINE being taught, maybe?
Bonus Points: When the DVD froze up in the Xbox and I didn't have to watch the end. YAY!

Let me just clarify that although this is a "Mormon" movie, it is not made or endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in any way. (Because if it was, I would have to go inactive. But, I digress...) I guess this was presented as a "thought-provoking" stage production by a film student or something and then it was turned into a movie in 1989. Even my own father says he saw it at BYU on stage because his roommate was in it. I am forever grateful that he somehow lived through that experience and was able to go on to have a family that included me. Really, this movie was atrocious. It was goofy, the screenplay was syrupy and over the top, and the whole concept of "finding" each other on earth to fulfill promises from the pre-existence was just killing me. I will however have to give the award for the most hard to swallow moment of the movie, to the song and dance by Jimmy's rebellious, too-cool-for-school criminal friends entitled Zero Population. You know, because when you're a teenager who likes ditching school, fast cars and drinking, you tend to also be very aware of pressing social issues like overpopulation. Especially when your own friend is singlehandedly causing the problem! Time to set that jerk straight with an in-your-face 80's dance, am I right? Oh, it was all just so torturous!!! I was thinking of giving it a 0 out of 10, but the ONE (and only) thing that saved it from a shut-out was that when anyone leaves to go to Earth, they teleport out just like on Star Trek. If I am wishing that anything out of that movie was actually true, it would be that :)


Karin said...

I love you!!!! (I'm still laughing...!) (And, my word verification is clophipo...just fyi...!)

Mags said...

I agree with Karin, still laughing. (I think my verification words beats yours Karin-wommisaw) ;)