Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Bouncerrific!

Last year on Thanksgiving Day my mom rented a bounce house for all the grandkids. Pure genius! This year we did it again 2 days before Christmas and my whole family was there. This time we got the SpongeBob SquarePants edition, complete with over sized romper room AND inflatable basketball hoop. Oh, it's ON! We also had Kelly and Brian this year, and I am pretty sure that Kelly has more energy than most people I have met in my life combined. Needless to say, the nieces and nephews now love her even more. If that is even possible :)

My kids screamed with freak-out joy when we drove up to Grandma's house.

Addie demonstrating some of her "Addie-tude"...

I am so glad Kelly offered to take this picture for me. It is one of my favorites :)

The "adult" supervision. Don't worry about Chris down there, he's a doctor.

Luke was doing some pretty sweet Iron Man jumps out the door.

All the siblings and Kelly played a very intense game of HORSE in the bounce house. I pretty much dominated. But there were some amazing moves going on in there- spectacular shots and spectacular wipe-outs. We were all crippled the next day.

Brian and Kelly mixing up some Chex Mix happiness. Seriously, it had coconut and almonds, butter- oh, it was good, despite Brian's face indicating otherwise. He was going for the look of 'robot chef' I believe...

Grandpa and Wyatt with the ice cream. Wyatt got to try all kinds of new things this year at Grandma's- there hasn't been a dull food moment over there for two weeks. My waistline can totally verify that fact :)

Alright, we are almost to Christmas! But tomorrow will be interrupted with a year-end post that I have been dying to publish. Hopefully it will accidentally push lots of readers to my blog and help us all make better decisions. Tah tah for now!

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