Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Riddle

What do you call it when you cross really bad counting skills and way too many relatives visiting for Christmas? The answer is my 12 Days of Top Ten lists on my blog. I'm pretty sure that number 12 is supposed to happen on Christmas Eve, but yet according to my radical math skills I was due for that one yesterday. Add in the fact that I have spent about 6 minutes in my own home over the past 4 days combined and it means that blogging hasn't exactly been on the front burner on the cooktop of my life. Anyway, on Christmas Eve, as it should be, here is list number 12 :)

Top Ten Leftover Items from Other Top Ten Lists that Never Made it to Print:

10. Sabre-toothed Nutcracker
9. Pupperoni
8. Build your own water heater
7. The Horcrux and The Ivy
6. The Little Engine that Could but who Flat Out Refused
5. Whack-an-elf
4. Pin the Tail on the Dementor
3.Cream of Stocking
2. Reindeer Spit
1. Shower Toaster

Boy that was the easiest list I ever wrote! Hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas break. I have 19 relatives in town (all siblings from both sides of our family) and it is pretty much non-stop options for fun and activities. Too many good things to choose from. But what kind of loser complains about that? Not me! It's been awesome :) Bounce houses, eating, camping, swimming, kickball, eating, shopping, Balderdash, eating, the park, Xbox Kinect, eating, sibling hijinx- it has been some GOOD TIMES :) Can't wait to write up some of the highlights and add some pictures up in here again! That may be the one downfall of Top Ten Lists. And I do mean one...

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Karin said...

Just glancing at the list, I thought #4 was "Pin the Tail on the Democrat." Merry Christmas!!!! :)