Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 Movie for 1 Sister

Movie #24- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Suggested by Sweeneyville reader Kelly Bingham

Kelly is my Jazzercise teacher. In our first class I was having a little trouble with the steps to "Move your Boogie Body", particularly doing the jazz hands in conjunction with the step ball change combo. But Kelly never gave up on me. She saw the inner Jazzercise star that was just waiting to come out. And now I am training to become an instructor myself. Bless you, Kelly! You made my dreams come true. Actually, Kelly is my new sister-in-law, but she probably would make a darn fine Jazzercise instructor! She likes to dance, has tons of energy, she's fun and happy most all the time. Yes, if her whole Elementary Education degree dosesn't pan out, I have the backup plan right here! Although she graduates in April and will be an official teacher by next fall, so it's probably pretty settled. Anyway, we share a deep love for the musical Singin' in the Rain, and she recommended I watch another classic musical that I had to see in its entirety.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Overall: 8/10
Bonus Points: Salutation of "Good day, backwoodsman!" was a classic, grown men in full-body red underwear (complete with button-up rear compartment)= Awesomeness
Deductions: Adam's mustache gave him a classic Joker-esque look that was very distracting and he was a giant of a man, was he not? And of all the last names in all the world, it had to be "Pontipee"? Really?

Wow, this movie was very entertaining but kinda ridiculous at the same time. I sort of knew the plotline going in, but it was much more fun that I had planned on. First off, this guy getting married in one day puts all the plotlines in my Jane Austen movies to shame. I mean, he sings "Bless your beautiful hide!" (Oh, the romance!) and then proposes 5 minutes later. And she says yes. Ha! It's like a BYU microcosm or something. Anyway, the barn raising scene was by far the best part. Cindy was watching it and trying to copy the dancing. And when the rival men from town were "accidentally" hurting the Pontipee brothers so they could win the contest, both my children were rolling with laughter. They are suckers for slapstick physical comedy, what can I say? Overall it had funny dialogue, the songs had clever lyrics (my favorite being "You can't make no vows to a herd of cows") and it was kinda cute how it ended. If you like musicals and haven't seen this one, put it on your list. Most musicals from the 50's are worth seeing. Do it for nostalgia's sake if nothing else.


Mags said...

I love that one. My kids are suckers for physical comedy as well. My kids favorite thing on youtube is the song 'Make em Laugh' from Singing in the Rain. I am sure your kids have seen it, but really fun song.

Karin said...

That is one of our family fav's as boys all like the barn fight (of course) & the winter dance with the axes. :)

Kelly said...

Glad you liked it, not that I was worried or anything;)