Monday, December 27, 2010

Just a Little Bit

With all that I have been doing with my family, I decided I better start posting a little here and there or I would be boring everyone to tears with the world's longest blog post for 5 days in a row. So here are some of the highlights for now....until I find more pictures on other cameras because I know I am missing some good ones.

For starters, two Fridays ago when Brian and Kelly got here we went camping! My children have never slept overnight in a tent and it was time to remedy the situation. I am such a good mom. Actually, it's the grandparents that are so good. My mom and dad got everything reserved, set up, taken care of- it was great. We just spend one night down in Ft. Meade, so we weren't exactly summiting Kilimanjaro, but we did get to play on a playground, throw stuff in the peace river, have an awesome fire, eat hobo dinners, make smores and hot dogs, do lots of singing, go on a nighttime hike, freeze to death because the low was 55 that night (okay, I am a giant wuss), and take my niece to the bathroom at 3:45am on account of her bladder that is apparently the size of a walnut. (I love Ana, but she goes to the bathroom every 7 minutes I think). Oh and of course we had the awesome the opportunity to absolutely get soaked Saturday morning because it poured until noon. :( But we still had fun and all the cousins realized that Kelly is the best Aunt ever because she literally knows about a eleventy bajillion campfire songs. Really. Eleventy bajillion. Just ask her- she will break into song.

Kelly and kids doing The Jellyfish song

Around the fire

Leaving the menfolk to take down tents in the rain. They really took one for the team that morning! Thanks again to Ma and Pa for making it all happen. I know all the kids had a blast :)

Let's see, I finally got a picture of Cindy and Luke in their Christmas clothes!

Luke is a stud in his tie and sweater vest combo, is he not?

There has also been some MAJOR cousin bonding for my children the past two weeks. They have gotten to see every single one of their cousins.

Cindy and cousin Michelle in the water headlock.

Cindy and cousin Wyatt watching some TV.

Luke, Addie and Sadie on grandma Bingham's bed.

Sadie, Cindy and Ana enjoying some root beer floats.

Cindy, Addie and Luke with some Chick-fil-A tomfoolery.

Luke with cousins Lauren and Eryn.

Whew! As you can see, it hasn't exactly been boring around here for the past few days. Tomorrow I will hopefully post our adventures through Christmas day. Maybe...

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