Saturday, December 4, 2010

Better Off Having Watched This

Movie #26- Better Off Dead
Suggested by Sweeneyville reader
Lana Dahle

When I donated blood last summer at Polk County Family Week, Lana was the nurse that stuck my arm over 23 times trying to find a vein. She's a persistent little thing! Good thing I persevered through all that pain though, because waiting on the other side was a free T-shirt! Unfortunatley it was a triple extra large and big enough to tent my house the next time we fumigate for roaches, but a free t-shirt nonetheless. In all reality, Lana is the wife of Mark Dahle, who is a friend of mine from Church all those years ago (and he is also my good friend Karin Salisbury's brother). She is a mother of two super cute boys and is a very loyal blog reader. And though she lives in Bradenton and I don't really get many occasions to see her in person, when I do have the pleasure to do so, she is always the most complimentary, kind and positive person. Her middle name is actually Joy and she really is a joy to be around! Her parents were psychic :)

Better of Dead
Overall: 8/10
Deductions: Who names their child Badger? His mom totally stole my idea of giving TV Dinners for Christmas gifts- Ugh!
Bonus Points: Winchester! DOTTIE!

I remember as a teenager that many, many of my friends had seen this movie and I never had. So when it was suggested to watch this movie for this project, I was not going to let the moment pass me by. So glad I didn't because this movie was a glorious combination of all things utterly bizarre and funny. I read the synopsis of the movie and thought the movie was going to be all about suicide and then turn into some sort of Weekend at Bernie's-type fiasco. I was not impressed by the prospect. But after about 30 minutes I realized it was more like a Napoleon Dynamite and I was totally laughing at the spectacle before me. First of all, I loved that he was trying out for the High School Ski team. It's always basketball or football with movies like this, so skiing was a refreshing change. Secondly, his mother was a joy to behold. Oh, if only we had characters like this in movies today! Her random cooking escapades and especially the reindeer outfit on Christmas morning were absolutely priceless. Of course he does kinda try to kill himself a few times, but even that manages to be hilarious. (It's not creepy. If you see it, you will know what I am talking about.) There is too much more to list of classic moments from this movie, so you will just have to see it sometime. Bizarre? Yes. Entertaining? Yes. Best movie ever made and worthy of an Oscar? Not even close. But if you have a spare 97 minutes, take a look :)


Kelly said...

I love this movie! I am shocked that I didn't suggest it myself!

Bob-O said...

I actually met John Cusack on the set of a movie filmed at Cypress Gardens and told him that I still wanted my "Two Dollars"! I still love this movie!