Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cindy J. Sweeney: Toothless Wonder

Well, it finally happened. Cindy's tooth that became loose back sometime in November is finally out! It was hanging on by a thread yesterday afternoon, and since we were all headed out to the Temple and the kids were staying with a sitter all night (and I did NOT want to miss this moment), Jacob decided "just to look at it" and whattayaknow! It came right out :) She was a little disturbed by the blood and the wierd-feeling hole it left, but she returned to normal (her version) pretty soon after. She spent the night at Grandma's with her cousin's last night, so the Tooth Fairy will have to visit tonight. Although, I have a feeling the Tooth Fairy is fresh out of cash, and might just have to leave her an expired box of off-brand stuffing mix. Which is WAY better than a dollar if you ask me...

And coincidentally, that tooth is first one she got as a baby. Amazing how that works!