Friday, February 25, 2011

X is for Marking the Spot Where Yesterday's Post Should Have Been

If you are wondering what happened yesterday to where I couldn't post this on time, it is due to one thing: TAXES. I just casually started doing them online last night, trying to at least get the basic data entered and get them started and the next thing I know it was 4 hours later and I felt like I was in a coma. Luke had fallen asleep on the couch, Cindy was ready for bed, we missed scriptures and prayer- which is only even more definitive proof that taxes are pure evil. Blecchhh!

So a day late, but worth the wait :)

I went online and did a Mad Lib, the only catch was that I wanted to use words and phrases that all contained the letter X. Harder than it looks! Anyway, here is the result of my excellent experiment:

My New Puppy

We got a puppy fox the other day. She was so cute and experimental -- the most excruciatingly dull puppy you've ever seen! She was barely bigger than our coccyx and sat quietly in my ex-husband's lap on the way home. When we arrived, she could barely hex in the sixty six thousand inches of snow on the ground, so we had to shovel some and xerox a path for her. She got cold very expertly, so we brought her inside and vexed her by the fire.

We named her Maximillian. We were deciding between that and Xanadu, so we flipped a taxidermist to choose. We were also thinking about the name X-ray Security Airport Worker, but it was clear from the beginning that she wasn't. I thought Maxilla would be a great name for a dog, but my ex-husband wouldn’t agree to it. I also would have liked Mexican shanty, because that's where we live, but since ever since she exfoliated on the rug, I'm thinking Xenophobe is more in order.

One of the first things we did was buy a bunch of puppy fox toys. We got a big xanthic ball that texts when you roll it, an extra large boxing glove she can chew on, and an Xbox controller to play tug-of-war with. She's oxymoronic when she plays with her toys! Now if only she’d play with them exclusively, instead of with all our saxophones, too.

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