Thursday, February 3, 2011

C is for Cake

Need a good laugh? I thought so! I mean, it's probably been a few hours since you watched Groundhog Day and you are drooping yet again, right? Never fear, direct from a website called (where you can see what happens when cakes "go horribly, hilariously wrong") I give you some cakes to ponder. And then laugh your head off at. While there are soooo many ways a cake can go wrong, today I will focus on the finishing touch of the sentimental writing. If there is anything to learn from these, it's that the term "professional" might be used a little loosely in some situations...

**To be official, all these photos are from They are not mine, I never said they were.



Linnley Marie said...

ha ha ha... those are awesome. I think they all had the same decorator.

Amy said...

Thanks for the laugh! Those rock!