Friday, February 18, 2011

R is for Robot

I have received a note from Cindy's teacher that next Thursday as part of her homework, Cindy is to bring in a model robot. They are are reading a story about a boy who was a robot and each child gets to build their own to display. These robots will be made from any scrap material that is around the house and the children have been instructed to "let their imaginations run wild." I admit that sometimes I struggle with letting Cindy do her homework completely by herself. It is something I have been working on- letting her do the work and be creative on her own terms. But if this robot just happens to end up looking totally awesome next Thursday, Cindy really is that talented and her mother had nothing to do with its near perfection ;). DeAnne, we will be raiding your garage for spare parts and silver roboty-looking materials, just so you know....

Plus all this robot talk got me thinking about my favorite robots from TV and Film. I am not a huge science fiction fan, but being married to one gives me just a little authority on this topic. So here are my top 5 robots:

5. Optimus Prime
I really only watched the show Transformers because I had older brothers and I only saw the movie because I have a husband. But you have to admit that the leader of the Autobots is a pretty nice guy. He's noble, he's loyal and in the movie he has the best voice ever. He also changes into a sweet semi-truck! Which in the world of robots, I think is quite original.

4. KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand)
Well, Optimus Prime is a semi-truck, but KITT can drive out of one and onto the highway- at speed. Definitely not your standard-looking robot, but this car could do everything, including drive itself and make jokes. Sounds like a robot to me.

3. Data The lovable green-skinned bridge officer on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Data was a robot yes, but his entire purpose was to become more human, which makes him pretty cool. Plus he gave us the most awesome way ever to say "I'm fine" which is, of course, "I am functioning within normal parameters." Try that one out on someone the next time they ask you how you're doing. Jacob and I say that to each other frequently and I know you are dying to be as cool as us :)

2. Johnny 5
From one of the best movies to ever make it out of the 80's, Short Circuit. Johnny 5 was funny, innocent, kind, smart and able to survive sharing the spotlight with Steve Gutenburg. And best of all, we get robot humor in this movie; "Hey Laserlips, your mama was a snow blower!" Ahhh, good times.

1. R2-D2 and C-3PO Come on, did you really think I would pick anyone else for number 1? In this house, I would be shot dead. I couldn't separate them, though. These guys are a team! R2 is sassy and unstoppable while C3-PO is sensible and pragmatic. A perfect robotic 'odd couple' you might say. Plus R2 has that extendo magical universal computer probe thingy that plugs into seemingly ANY electric device and does exactly what it needs to. Sorry robots, you can't compete with that :)

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Mags said...

Ok, I remember Short Circuit and loved it. As for homework...I have to take Lucas's away from him if I want to see it at all. He's gotten super independent this year. I like it though.