Tuesday, February 8, 2011

H is for Harry Potter

Once again utilizing the all-seeing eye known as Wikipedia, I have learned that there are over 140 spells and charms used in the Harry Potter books. There is everything from Accio (the summoning charm), to Expulso, (which makes an object explode)to even Rictusempra (which of course, causes its subject to feel as though they are being tickled). I am SO glad that one is not real...

But did you know, my little friend, that there are actually even more spells than the ones you can find in the books? I happen to be a close personal friend of JK Rowling and she told me I could share this little bit of HP trivia with you:


10. Deelio Magnus- supersizes your Burger King combo for 29 cents instead of 69
9. Extendus Biblio- extends the due date on your libary books by 24 hours
8. Postum halto- makes the mailman stop at your house even when the flag is down and you have no mail
7. Completego Visitas- Shows that your visiting teaching has already been for the entire year
6. Ingesto Jeopardum- gives the subject the disctinct memory of having dinner with Alex Trebec
5. Repellus Obamas- allows the subject to be happy, industrious, and keep more of what they earn
4. Applex Vanisher- instantly removes all the music from your worst enemy's Ipod
3. Diposeo yellus- Throws away that yellow phone book immediately upon delivery so it doesn't get run over in your driveway for 8 months
2. Sodax Tastum- Makes Diet Dr. Pepper taste more like regular Dr. Pepper (Oh, wait, you don't need a spell for that!)
1. Bloggiato- makes your blog readers believe you are actually funny

Only a complete lame-o would need to use Number 1....

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Mags said...

I am planning on hitting he Harry Potter exhibit that is up here. I am super excited about this.