Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I is for I am Incredible!

Somehow, in the last 24 hours the door to the patio was left open and a certain pet rabbit of ours made her escape. Cindy noticed this right before going to school and went from 0 to hysterical in .488 seconds. We combed the backyard looking for Rosa, but I was thinking in my mind that we might not ever see her again. I felt pretty bad and was genuinely hoping that a giant dog or worse hadn't found our little fluff ball. As I was backing out of the driveway, I spied something white on the front lawn beneath one of our neighbors palm trees and our neighbor in his driveway looking at it and shaking his head. Yup, it was Rosa! I crossed two yards over and found her lying there like nothing was wrong. I started to call her name and that was the moment she took off running! But at least it was in the direction of our house. I am sure it was a sight to see as I traipsed across the neighborhood (extra good thing I changed out of my PJ pants this morning), which I am hoping it was only witnessed by that weirdo middle school kid who always gets to the bus stop way early, but she finally ended up cornered in my next door neighbor's yard and I was able to grab her and return her to the safety of her patio oasis. It is a known fact that a rabbit's heart can literally explode when they get too scared, so I was a little worried her ticker would give from all the drama, but she seems to be completely recovered. Let me just say it is dang hard to catch a rabbit!! And I was absolutely amazed that this adventure was able to conclude happily and we were still able to get Cindy to school on time. So yes, I am amazing for catching her, but we all know that the real credit goes to someone on a much higher, divine level who was watching over Rosa and the kids this morning. Tender mercies :)

Hare-y Houdini planning her next escape...

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