Tuesday, February 15, 2011

O is for Ouch!

(Which also happens to the be the name of the soccer practice game Jacob made up where all the kids run around and try to kick the ball at each other's shins as hard as they can, but I digress...)

Jacob and I have embarked on a new exercise routine and I now realize that pretty much any exercise that actually involves something other than running is going to make me excruciatingly sore. And this has been a doozy. We are supposed to do this regimen for 90 days. (yes, p90X) Yesterday I did one pull-up, today I am almost a paraplegic. It's so very, very pitiful :( Every time Luke wants me to pick him up I just wince and hope he forgets that he asked me. I honestly think there is not one muscle in my body that is not hurting right now. So none of my arch enemies can attack me right now, okay? I could never fight them off or run away in my present condition. Truce? (Although at the end of the 90 days I would LOVE to fight my arch enemies. I'll use some of that Ken Po. Hi-yah!)

Although it does make me feel a little better knowing that I got sore from exercising and not from doing anything like this:

Now THAT makes you say ouch!


Mags said...

Ok, I seriously laughed more than winced. That kid running away from his own caught fish was hilarious! Although, the treadmill idea was awesome!

Karin said...

I used to high jump, so that first one made me cringe! Also, the zebras in the car--eeeeew! Lis wanted to watch it again! :)